10 reasons why should you move to Venice Florida

Let’s imagine you enjoy the view of Venice, and a soft breeze touches your face, Venice is one of the greatest beautiful cities in the whole world. Whether you are residents of Venice or tourist, you have to sure to see all the amazing thing in this city. Let us help you to understand how to taste all good stuff in the Venice.

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Ten best reasons why you should move to Venice

There are a lot of things you must have to know about Venice before you move to Venice.

Venice Beach

You will enjoy your stay in Venice because it is right on the beach. You can visit the beach every day. You can enjoy your daily walk on the sandy beach of Venice. How does it sound to you? And one thing you should have to know that there is another fantastic place near to Venice is the coral reef. It is a pretty cool place to spend your days.

Climate and Weather

If you are getting bored of the snow, then Venice is the perfect place you need to be. Just imagine you are waking up every day to fabulous warm weather. Isn’t it cool? Here is month by month average temperature in Venice Florida.

January:       Max 72, Min 52
February:     Max 73, Min 54
March:          Max 77, Min 58
April:             Max 82, Min 62
May:              Max 86, Min 68
June:             Max 89, Min 73
July:              Max 90, Min 75
August:         Max 91, Min 75
September:  Max 89, Min 73
October:       Max 85, Min 67
November:  Max 79, Min 60
December:  Max 74, Min 55

Downtown Venice

You will love the area of downtown Venice. You can visit beautiful shops and businesses along Venice Avenue there. You will always find a great breeze there because of the avenue dead ends into the Venice beach.


You will find a lot of golf courses in Venice, and all are within one hour drive. Venice is the famous city in Florida for its golf courses infect Venice is the golfers’ paradise.

Water Activities

As you know, Venice is located along the beach, but it also found along the Robert Bay! It is the perfect destination for water activities like fishing and underwater diving.

Maxine Barritt Park

Maxine Barritt park is must go area in Venice city. It is the perfect park for a walk along the beautiful lake. This park is home to Paw Park beach.

Quality Life

In Venice every day when you wake up, you feel like you are on vacations. The beach is an only bit away, and there is a nice ocean breeze always welcome you.


You will for sure love to fishing on the Venice fishing pier! Venice is also home of many of great fishing charters.

Harbor Drive

It is one of the famous streets in Venice Florida, and very favorites among resident of Venice and visitor as well.
Wild Life

As you know, Florida is well-known State for wildlife, and It is a home of the most beautiful birds in the world. You can see plenty of dolphins there. Dolphins love to call Venice home just as humans like to call it home. You will also see the Florida Lizards and alligators.


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