4 famous places for family vacation and fun in West Palm Beach

It is mentioned the history books that  Juan Ponce De Leon reached Florida from this port city in 1513. European Settlers arrived later and locals tribe became victims of disease and greed of the westerns and remaining were enslaved. But this amazing city thrived with the resources of natural beauty. It is one of the most beautiful and richest cities in whole United States though it has a very small population of 10,000 people but this calm and astonishing city attract tourists and travelers from all over the States. Central Park, Flamingo park, Old North wood Historic Park, Grandview Heights and Okeeheelee Park are the most beautiful natural places to visit in West Palm Beach. You will find information right here about 4 famous places for family vacation and fun in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Famous places for family vacation and fun

Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County stretches from coast line of Atlantis to the northern edge of Everglades National Park. This area of West Palm Beach is the resident of the most richest celebrities in America. If you wish to see your favorite celebrities up close then take a trip to this place. By luck you could get a chance to crash into a party full of  your favorite celebrities.

The Palm Beach Zoo

The Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society is a non-profit zoological organization located  West Palm Beach, Florida,  This place houses more than 700 animals within 23-acres of of land. This is a great place for a family picnic. Florida’s locals and tourist come here with their families to appreciate this amazing habitat. It is one of the very famous places for family vacation and fun in West Palm Beach.

Lion Country Safari

Lions are the most fearful and wild creatures in the world. They are called Kings of the jungles. Best condition similar to their natural habitat are provided to them in this proximity and the most fun part is that it is a drive through park. Adults and children both look through the wind shield of the with strange eyes, trying to believe that they are only a few feet away from the king of the jungle.

South Florida Science Center and Aquarium

Founded in 1959 and formerly known as the South Florida Science Museum, this place has 8,000 gallon fresh and salt water aquarium featuring both local and exotic marine life, digital planetarium and a Conservation Research Station. There are many other exhibits in this amazing place which attract tourist to this place. South Florida Science Center has turned into a famous places for family vacation and fun in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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