5 best things to do in Miami Florida

Miami is an international city at Florida’s southeastern tip. It is one of the states and the world most popular vacation places. Though destinations often are said to offer something for everyone, the Miami area does indeed provide many enticements for everyone. The famous nightlife of South Beach, bejeweled by the eye candy of the Art Deco district. AS any true local knows, the best things to do in Miami extend beyond lounging on the sand—though spending some time on the excellent Miami beaches is fundamental to life in the 305. Of course, Miami is famed for its Art Deco architecture, and it’s not surprising that the U.S. host city of Art Basel Miami Beach and home to bright Wynwood has a vibrant cultural scene. In between sunbathing, swimming and sipping cocktails (or craft beer), check off these essential Miami experiences.

Get to know about best things to do in Miami

Miami Beach

Tourists go to Miami mainly for Miami Beach, and they go to Miami Beach mostly for South Beach, the region’s unique crown jewel. The art deco history of the city meets the bright lights and vibrant nightlife of the younger generation. There’s something for everyone here — and plenty of it. White sand, a global dining scene, excellent shopping, luxurious spas and world-class nightlife are all staples in Miami Beach. Just make sure to bring lots of loot — Miami Beach can do on resources, but you’ll severely limit your options, and it won’t be near as entertaining. There are many ways to get to Miami Beach from downtown Miami, including the Metrobus and taxi. Several travelers prefer to simplify things by basing their holiday in one of the multiple hotels here. South Beach has the expensive accommodations — careful travelers can find a deal if they visit farther north, between 24th and 192nd Streets.

Little Havana

Found to the immediate west of downtown Miami, Little Havana is the symbolic and cultural capital for Cuban-Americans in Miami. The community brings in droves of guests with its vibrant environment and excellent food. Tourists also enjoy visiting the cigar factories and the Cuban Memorial Boulevard on the edge of 13th Avenue and Calle Ocho. However, some guests don’t get the area’s charm. One Trip Advisor user answers, “It is a very cool destination, but not one I would go out of my idea for except for the menu or the cigars.”

Zoo Miami

This beautiful zoo is house to more than 2,000 animals, expressing more than 500 various species. It’s well-known for providing a natural environment for its residents without the use of cages — instead, the zoo employs strategically located moats to separate the animals from the visitors. Petting zoos and lots of “edutainment” programs are sure to keep your little ones.

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Wynnewood Walls

This outdoor street art installation, one of the largest in the world, is one of the reasons a run-down neighborhood has found new life as the art hub of Miami. Visitors to the neighborhood appreciate the variety in the artwork. “Museums are for the artsy tongues, but the walls can appreciate at almost all levels of information and pleasure for arts,”The next Saturday of each month, the neighborhood hosts a family-friendly ArtWalk where galleries open their doors and increase their hours. During the second Saturday and all another weekend, they also guided trips available, some of which include the cost of food or drink at the local restaurant.

Marlins Park

Recognized as one of the newest and most expensive major league ballparks to be developed in the country, Marlins Park isn’t your run-of-the-mill baseball arena. Settled in the heart of Little Havana on the site of the old Orange Bowl football stadium, the 37,000-seat park highlights the standard ballpark food vendors, an official gift shop and ample parking,Art is also a significant presence at the park with four specific projects chosen by the Miami-Dade County Art in Public Places on display, and a 71-foot-tall sculpture featuring palm trees,  flamingos,  and, of course, marlins that shoot water when the home team scores a home run. And it wouldn’t be Miami if the ballpark didn’t respond to South Beach: The venue also highlights The Clevelander, a nightclub and bar with an indoor pool, nightly DJs and go-go dancers.

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