A perfect tour to Fort Pierce Beach

Fort Pierce is a city in Florida, Often called the “Sunrise City.” The oceanfront National Navy SEAL Museum displays vehicles, weapons, and other naval artifacts. Nearby, Fort Pierce Inlet State Park has a long beach, where swimming and surfing are popular. Artificial and natural artificial reefs make for excellent fishing and diving at Fort Pierce Florida.

Get to know about a perfect tour to Fort Pierce Beach

When Trips on Horseback touts its beach horseback ride on South Hutchinson Island in Fort Pierce as a “once in a lifetime” adventure, it’s not joking.
That’s because the organization is one of the few operatives in Florida with a permit for this exercise – and the only such work in the southern district of the state.
“With all the seashores and all the horses we have in Florida, you would imagine you could do this, ” said Tammy Hayes Beville, one of the trail leaders and daughter of owners Alan and Colleen Hayes. “But in fact, you won’t find multiple places where it’s allowed.”
And that’s probably why Tours on Horseback is occupied all year long, no concern the season. From all over the world the guests arrive to feel the scenic, one-hour ride with the Atlantic Ocean’s edge at Frederick Douglass Memorial Park. On one side is the boundless ocean with its salty wind; on the other, a lengthy trail of Australian pines, where sea turtles appear to nest.
If one of the most excellent ways to judge a business is its long-term duration in the marketplace, then Tours on Horseback is a definite winner.
St. Lucie County gave the sole contract for beach horseback riding to the family-run business 25 years ago – a relationship still rising after a quarter century.

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Belville told her family had a long, honored history in the region, and her father (“a true cowboy”) had a solid reputation for practice and competed on horses. So selecting their stables to run the shore rides wasn’t that big of a gamble.
But, she confirmed, no one could have predicted how wildly successful the rides have become.
Part of that is that it’s affordable and inexpensive. Ride on Horseback prices just $45 for the ride.
“We’ve only increased the price $15 in 25 years,” Beville announced proudly. “We don’t need to price people out of the experience. It is something they will appreciate for a long time.”
She said half of Tour on Horseback’s business gets from repeat customers. They’ve also attended three generations of families over the years.
For several, a seaside ride on a horse is another check off the bucket index. And others have made it a romantic experience, using the occasion to pop the question to a prospective spouse. Tours on Horseback also gives chances for photo shoots for special events.
Expert horsemanship is not required, though riders must be at least ten years old. When possible, Beville said, they also make arrangements for passengers with disabilities.
Groups welcomed continuously, but she favors to keep it limited to about eight to 10 people. A guide in front leads single-file, with one in the back to have everyone together.
The general Western attire – jeans, cowboy boots, a Stetson cap – is seldom viewed on Tours on Horseback.
“It depends on you, but most of us keep it pretty informal,” Beville said. “You want you to enjoy both – the horse and the wonderful beach. So wear what’s comfy, but don’t forget the sunglasses and sunscreen.”
And remember to
take along your phone or camera to take this unique experience.
We took the ride on a weekday and didn’t see any single sunbather. During the weekend the ocean also gets crowded, you are expecting some shell collectors, sand castle builders and possibly fishers along your way.
Horses don’t naturally take to walking with the sandy beach with waves lapping at their feet. Beville and her fellow instructors have to acclimate them first; most trained quarter horses, easily controlled with a slight touch on the reins. Some others who aren’t such a sea-worthy stay back at the ranch, and used for trail rides at regional state parks.

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