A Travel Guide to Visit Miami with a Shuttle

Miami, the sparkling city of Florida lies on the southeastern region of Florida Peninsula and gets differentiated from the majestic Atlantic Ocean by Miami Beach and Biscayne Bay Lagoon. The pleasant weather makes Miami as a popular destination, particular for those people who are in the northern part of the country. No matter that, beaches are the key highlights of Miami. Besides beaches, there are so many sightseeing attractions you should explore on your trip from Orlando to Miami.

Here are a few interesting places you should add into your holiday bucket list. You should enlist them in your holiday trip and plan out your journey to the heavenly land of Miami with shuttle service Orlando to Miami:

  1. South Beach

South Beach

Situated at the southern end of Miami beach, where the Art Deco buildings align along the waterfront road, South Beach is the most famous and popular place of Miami Beach. During summer, the beach draws attention of locals and tourists whereas in winter Miami is most popular place to stroll around.

  1. American Airlines Arena

American Airlines Arena

The American Airlines Arena stands out as the home of the NBA’s Miami Heat. It’s even the main venue for hosting large concerts and special performances of famous singers. This arena holds more than 19,000 people. However, it is located prominently on the waterfront in a modern and more developed downtown area.

  1. Ocean Drive

Running along the oceanfront area in Miami Beach, Ocean Drive passes the historic Art Deco buildings and the most famous sand strip, South Beach. It’s considered as a popular spot for both day and night to enjoy a slow cruise and some drive while experiencing sightseeing opportunities.

  1. Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium is a family friendly attraction to be explored on holidays with Orlando to Miami shuttles. The most notable features of this place include daily shows of dolphins, whales, and seals like ocean inhabitants. However, the Seaquarium is involved in rehabilitation and rescue of endangered manatees of Florida.

  1. Jungle Island

jungle island

Being a bird sanctuary, Jungle Island even serves as a wildlife habitat and botanical garden. Over 1,100 bird species found in the tropical forest setting can actively take part in daily shows. In fact, the garden area comprises of over 2,000 exotic plant varieties like bananas, orchids, bromeliads, Heliconias and more. This site is also the home to animal species including baboons, tortoises, monkeys, alligators, tigers, flamingoes and orangutans.

Conclusion –

Do you like to visit all these places on your next holiday trip? Just take an Orlando to Miami shuttle and explore these sightseeing spectacles in a unique way. Florida Shuttle Express offers shared and private shuttle transportation service around the State of Florida to fulfill all the travel requirements and demands of all visitors who are looking to discover Miami at their best. Click here, if you want to make booking of your shuttles and don’t forget to visit Facebook page to stay up-to-date with Florida Shuttle Express!

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