Benefits of utilizing a shuttle service from Orlando to Hollywood

There are so several benefits and advantages when using a shuttle service from Orlando to Hollywood, especially if you want to go on a budget and would like to experience a free vacationing tour at the same time.
There are many travelers, guests, and locals those use to travel from Orlando to Hollywood by using a shuttle service because that it is the most cost-effective way of transportation within the state of Florida. Here you can read about the best advantages when using Orlando to Hollywood shuttle service.

List of advantages and benefits: Orlando to Hollywood shuttle services

These are amazing of the advantages and benefits when using an Orlando shuttle service to Hollywood or Fort Lauderdale airport. The places to pick up are by the Orlando International Airport and Orlando International Drive. These two locations are the most common ones among tourists.

Ticket price from Orlando to Hollywood

One of the real benefits is the ticket price (fare), it is way cheaper than a taxi service from Orlando to Hollywood and way, really way less costly when using a private transport from Orlando to Hollywood. Most likely, the price of a taxi or private transportation will be around $400, while the Orlando-Hollywood shuttle service is between $55 to $60 bucks.
Go Florida Shuttle is such a best ground transportation company that could take you from Orlando to Hollywood at most affordable and cheap rates at any time you want.

Different locations to choose from

There are many locations where you can choose to pick up when utilizing the shuttle bus from Orlando to Hollywood. These locations are the Orlando International Drive by the Convention Center and WAWA Gas Station by the Orlando International Airport (MCO).

Multiple departure times

Many guests and locals want to depart from Orlando to Hollywood at various times during the day. Therefore, having numerous times to select from is an excellent opportunity. These are the Orlando to Hollywood schedules: Morning at  5:30 am and in the afternoon at 1:00 pm

Another transportation service

Even though the Orlando to Hollywood shuttle service is the affordable transportation because it needs to pick up the various travelers along the way, you will get to Hollywood very fast. As we mentioned, it will make many stops on the route to pick up other passengers BUT, these are quick stops and drivers understand the way around all the city.

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