Best doughnut points in Florida

You’d deem that year-round bikini weather and more than 1,300+ miles of coastline would hold Florida locals from devouring their faces full of doughnuts, but much to the joy of weight loss plans everywhere, that’s just not the case. Whether you’re in the store for a perfect glazed yeast or artisanal hipster offerings wrapped in candied bacon or Fruity Cobbles, the country Homer Simpson once mentioned to as “America’s wang” is full with happiness that would be right up his lane. Here are the best Florida doughnuts shops.

Best doughnut points in Florida


Get to know about best Florida doughnut points

The Dandee Donut Factory
This diner-style establishment is famous for its fresh, large, doughnuts and endless traditional varieties, but they’ve got a few new creatives to explore, as well. Plus you can jump in 24/7 Made-to-order breakfast all day is more appealing when you can start with a crate of doughnuts for the road. There are also other choices if you need to craft your own Luther Burger. This place has been served since the ’80s; they know their essence – and have locations in Pompano Beach and Hollywood, to boot. Don’t forget to try the house-named Dandee, that hits the donut bullseye.

Donnie’s Donuts
Little minutes from the Atlantic waves of Ormond Beach, Donnie’s former location in Daytona closed forever after Hurricane Matthew, but locals are pleased to make the quick trip to its hip, new holes to get a fix. Donnie’s base is a standard cake style, but generous toppings and creative make mixing it up leisurely. Vintage donuts are simple cake or sugar-dusted, but taste like French toast, lemon raspberry, chocolate peanut butter, strawberry shortcake, and more will entertain those with a jones for more sweetness.

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The Donut King
The Donut King’s position in Minneola, a town on the western side of Orlando, it was a favorite for so long that they started another in the more basic burg of Winter Park – with predictably remarkable results. Weekend mornings draw lines, but they are fast. Friendly staff pack boxes with all style of cake and catalyst classics and candy-coated varietals massively loaded with things like crushed Butterfinger or chocolate chips or Heath bars.

Mini Doughnut Factory
If you need fresh, made-to-order donuts, then this is the best donuts place for you. The Mini Doughnut Factory in the heart of South Tampa Florida. They made it their purpose to bring creative minis to the masses. There is a pleasing variety of ready-made options including the S’mores inspired Campfire doughnut with rainbow sprinkles and strawberry icing. The actual fun though is to build your very own custom doughnut method. Choose the cake, the filling, the toppings and the drizzle from a reasonably exhaustive list of choices. You can also try their great doughnut milkshakes and desserts.

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