Best museums in Fort Myers Florida

Museums keep the keys to many secrets and are one of the best ways to truly explore any area you visit. The museums you’ll find in Fort Myers differ broadly in content and ventures. Most are not quiet, buttoned-up times but more adventurous and interactive. Like the Imaginarium where you can be in a wind tunnel to see what the area’s hot weather really feels like, or meet and learn about sea creatures spotted in local waters. Maybe the most famous museum in the Fort Myers area is located at the Edison & Ford Winter Estates. Hundreds of designs by Thomas Edison are on exhibit, and some may amaze you. Many other museums in the city also have outdoor elements. The Calusa Nature Center not only has displays but boardwalks within native vegetation where you can usually spot wildlife. And the Bailey Mathews Shell Museum treats beach walks on Sanibel Island. Here are three best museums in Fort Myers Florida.

Get to know about the best museums in Fort Myers Florida

Get to know about the best museums in Fort Myers Florida

Southwest Florida Military Museum
This museum, Placed in an old grocery store, is bursting at the closures with interesting military memorabilia and displays. You’ll find many kinds of items in this free museum, from the Revolutionary War in modern conflicts. Check out a 1945 WWII jeep that still works, a C47 airplane engine and numbers of flags, including one with 37 stars as well as a Nazi flag ended with bullet holes. There is an exciting baseball exhibition recognizing the numbers of major leaguers who left the field to serve the country. But the most significant draw is the special uniforms, photos, medals, and tales of dozens of war heroes and ordinary residents who helped in all divisions of the US military. Their stories are narrated with love and pride by the keepers and tour guides here.

Mound House
Mound House is Fort Myers Beach’s magnificent standing structure, and it lies on an antique Calusa Indian Mound. Escorted tours are offered Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturdays, where you’ll receive about 2,000 years of history as well as contact native wildlife and eco-tours. Your history schooling is not bounded to the land the Mound House lies on, as escorted kayak tours let you explore the same protected backwaters several Native Americans called home. You can reach this great historical site by boat as well as the car.

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Sanibel Historical Village and Museum
Experience a trip from the 1890s to the present when you tour Sanibel’s Historical Village, which saves the area’s 100-plus year history. The village’s museum is located in the home of the late Mr. Rutland, known to locals as “Uncle Clarence Rutland.” The “Cracker house” was made in 1913 and is decorated with pieces that are contemplative of the period. It expresses the farming immigrants of this island, which is now full of tourism. Displays include the old post office, Model-T Ford, and Burnap Cottage, the island’s oldest habitation. The village also highlights a 1924 Sears kit home, which came in 30,000 pieces! A beautiful place to visit, full of archives, incredible guides and a gift store for memorials.

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