Best outdoor activities in Tampa Florida

Tampa’s lovely weather makes it the ideal place to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. There is no limit to the activities, from fishing to biking. That’s not to state world-class golfing and natural beaches. To get you started on the plenty of Tampa’s other great outdoor events, read on for a list of the Choicest options to consider.

The wide, concrete pathway is approximately 2.5 miles long and is excellent for all ages and skills. There are lots of pit-stops along the way from cool parks with benches to upscale dining choices.

Tampa’s best outdoor activities for the family

Busch Gardens Tampa Park

Busch Gardens Tampa Jump the lines and take your children to a place where the fun comes easily, Busch Gardens Tampa. Everyone can appreciate the unparalleled mix of animal contacts, captivating programs, and thrilling rides. Run like a Cheetah aboard Cheetah Hunt, or dive face down at 60 miles per hour on Falcon’s Fury™, America’s highest freestanding drop tower. Animal displays range from a bird watchtower to a tug-of-war match with a tiger. Just as different as the animal selection are the right choices, which cover huge white-water rapids ride, roller coasters, a and a zip line—amongst many other options. Multi-Parks cards combine your choice of additional parks, so you can jump the lines and make your Florida adventure simply unforgettable.

The Florida Aquarium

Hit The Florida Aquarium and view more than 7,000 plants and animals from Florida and away in the 250,000-square feet (23,000-sq m) found in downtown Tampa. Begin your Florida Aquarium activity in the Wetlands Trail, which is the place to animals and plants located in Florida. Watch spirited river otters in a homey setting and American alligators lounging in the sun. Take this chance to witness colorful, free-flying birds and local fish in the mangrove environment. Other exciting animals to see at The Florida Aquarium cover lemurs in the Journey to Madagascar display, stingrays that you are welcome to visit in the Stingray Beach show, a giant Ocean octopus, threatened South African Penguins, and really unique and precious Australian green sea dragons with their leaf-like screen. In the 500,000-gallon Coral Reef display see sharks, sea turtles, rays, and various reef fish up close!

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ZooTampa at Lowry Park

ZooTampa at Lowry Park is recognized for having one of the most attractive, tropical wildlife zoological environments in the world that bring collectively animals and visitors to create memorable, natural connections. At one of the most family-friendly zoos in the nation, you can jump along with a wallaby and witness white rhinos, stingrays, and lorikeets. Magnify your trip with a ride on a roller coaster, cover boats or the carousel. Get into the motion of things on your vacation to Primate World and see chimpanzees, orangutans, and brilliantly painted mandrills. The zoo’s seven main exhibition areas hold Primate World, Asian Gardens, Manatee and Aquatic Center, Free-Flight Aviary, Wallaroo Station children’s zoo, Florida Wildlife Center, and Safari Africa. Travel and see marvelous animals from around the globe.

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