Best Places to visit in Lakeland Florida

From beautiful landscapes to artistic attractions, Lakeland is an underrated tourist destination lying between Tampa and Orlando. Owning plenty of green reservations that are ideal for a day out in nature, this peaceful oasis offers memorials that will invite to history lovers, antique sellers for shopping freaks and kid-friendly museums for families. An attractive destination for those who have the desire to cover up Florida’s natural landscape, Here are some best places to visit in Lakeland.

Best Places to visit in Lakeland Florida with Family

Best Places to visit in Lakeland Florida with Family

Circle B Bar Reserve

A large piece of land that has been created to preserve the floodplain part of Lake Hancock, Circle B Bar Reserve holds the unique fauna and flora around the Lakeland region. Holds Polk’s Nature Discovery Center, you can visit to study about the various plant and wildlife in the region and read through the appealing interactive exhibits and displays. Wildlife spotting, biking, and hiking are a beloved pastime in this area, where it’s not unusual to meet alligators,  otters, bald eagles, and bobcats that wander the area.

Polk Theatre

History lovers should visit Polk Theatre, as this iconic building was constructed during the golden age before World War II. Placed on the US National Register of Historic Places, it inaugurated in 1928 and had an arrangement of notable performances, from Glenn Miller to Elvis Presley, Gene Krupa, and Tom Mix. The theatre now operates on donations and grants only and hosts various events throughout the year. Come here to discover a theatrical or musical performance, while movie lovers will find independent and classic movie nights.

Lake Mirror Park

Placed in the heart of Lakeland, Lake Mirror Park and its famous ramble is a family-friendly community entertainment area and is the top gem of historic Downtown Lakeland. Owning 2,179 acres of space with broad palm-lined stroller pathways, one of the greatest draws to this visually entertaining area is the historic amphitheater. Placed on the US National Register of Historic Places since 1983 and is the core of local ventures held downtown, enclosed by Barnett Family Park, Kryger Overlook Park, and Hollis Gardens.

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Hollis Garden

Hollis Garden is a pleasant place to spend midday. It’s a 1.2-acre horticultural garden that owns a neo-classical idea with several fountains enclosed by lush ferns and tropical flowers. You’ll discover over 10,000 flowers to appreciate and beautiful views of Lake Mirror, while its rose gardens, butterfly tracks, and stroll that covers around the lake are a delightful addition.

Polk Museum of Art

Polk Museum of Art is a dose of culture for culture enthusiasts. First inaugurated in 1966, it has worked as a source of motivation to the art association for decades. You can discover over 2,500 works of art from well-known icons like Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol, while historical sections date back to the Pre-Columbian time to the present. After you’re done appreciating the modern art, head outside to take a walk through the lavish gardens that surround the museum. Peppered with brilliant woodcutting, it offers a peaceful space to sit back and rest.

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