Best restaurants in Florida you need to know before going on vacations

Eating out is one of life’s pleasing joys, and it becomes even more so for vacationers who fortunately leave the job of daily cooking at home. Luckily for Sunshine State visitors, there are lots of Florida restaurants to sample. If people can have bucket lists for things, they desire to see or do, why can’t we have bucket lists especially for places we wish to dine? Of course, everyone’s list would change a little with personal taste, but we think these 9 spots are a good start.


Get to know the best restaurants in Florida state

Joe’s Stone Crab, Miami Beach

I know we talk a much about this place, but there is no way we could make a restaurant bucket list without Joe’s. This traditional establishment has been around in some form since 1913 and serving Florida stone crab since 1921. Joe’s was the first point to attempt to serve this dish, which has become a favorite Florida food.

Bern’s Steak House, Tampa

Bern’s is probably the most prominent steakhouse in Florida and for a valid reason. With a high emphasis on tradition, Bern’s has kept its traditional decor and focus on absolutely aged steaks for nearly 60 years. Bern’s also has a basement with almost half a million bottles of wine, the most comprehensive private collection in the world. Guests can even visit the cellar and kitchen after dinner.

The Le Tub Saloon, Hollywood

This waterfront restaurant is a Florida icon, insisting on having the excellent burger in the country. While some people cannot take the long lines and get a little “hangry,” we understand that’s a surefire indication of a right place to eat.

Satchel’s Pizza, Gainesville

Not only is the food fantastic(everything, not just the pizza), the decoration has a funky junk art vibe. It gets reward points for having its store (Lightnin’ Salvage) chock-full of strange and fun little decorations and gifts.

Versailles in Miami

We cannot possibly have a bucket list like this without remarkable top-notch Cuban fare. Versailles unites all of our favorite things: Good portions, good food, and reasonable prices, all in a lovely setting. It doesn’t bother that they’ve been a Miami landmark for more than 40 years, either.

Columbia Restaurant, Ybor City in Tampa

This list would not be perfect without Florida’s traditional continuously operating restaurant. Columbia Restaurant in the great neighborhood of Ybor City has been serving succulent Cuban and Spanish a dishes since 1905. It has since branched out to Sarasota, Clearwater Beach, St. Augustine, and Orlando, but nothing can displace a visit to the original.

Yoder’s Restaurant & Amish Village in Sarasota

Yoder’s is an Amish restaurant that serves up all of your beloved luxury foods, as well as some of the world’s excellent homemade pies. Yoder’s has gained its place as a Sarasota landmark.

Teak Neighborhood Grill in Orlando

Teak uses fresh, regional and organic ingredients as often as possible. Emphasized here is the Drunken Monk, a half-pound Angus beef burger covered with Angry Orchard onion jam, provolone cheese roasted cherry tomatoes, herb mayo, smoked bacon, and chips topped with melted white cheddar cheese served on a pretzel bun. If that doesn’t make your belly growl, you’re probably dead inside.

TacoLu, Jacksonville Beach

TacoLu isn’t as old as any of the other restaurants on this list, but every North Florida foodie meriting his salt would suggest it in a heartbeat. Not only is the meal to die for, but the point itself is also fresh. The only problem is its fame, so plan your visit carefully.

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