Best shopping spot in Cocoa Beach

After paying the day watching the cruise ships play into the port and then taking a meal to eat in one of Port Canaveral’s most exquisite restaurants, round out your tour to this ridge of the Space Coast with some buying. Whether you’re watching to stock up on some goods to take on your next beach venture – be it swimming, fishing, or surfing – you can get what you need near the port. Ron Jon’s excellent ocean shop is one of the top visitor hotspots; it declares to be the largest surf shop in the world, and also a great place to find surfboards and swimwear. If you’re on a little budget, you can check out the Beachwave Beachwear shop, not famous but a gem that sells swimwear for low prices. Beachwave began in response to the heavy costs of other beach stores in the area. It’s a local favorite, and it also has a reliable online shop. Here are some best shopping spot in Cocoa Beach.

Get to know about best shopping spot in Cocoa Beach

Get to know about best shopping spot in Cocoa Beach

Beachwave Beachwear
Beachwave Beachwear is the best spot to pick up some swimwear if you’re on a low budget. Beachwave Beachwear was established in 1991, in answer to the high cost of swimwear and beachy accomplices on the Space Coast. The goal: To offset the other top surf shops in the area and provide shoppers with a less pricey alternative. The shop began with one small store in Cocoa Beach and now have five branches.

RJK Studio
Space Coast-based RJK Studio offers stained and fused glass pieces, including a variation of beautiful glass pieces of jewelry enhanced with turtles. You can also choose up glass pendants in a variety of colors and patterns, such as sugar skulls. Also look for home decoration, from timepieces to spoon holders. You can pick up a glass pendant online for $20.

Cocoa Beach Surf Company
This large, multi-level surf shop declares to be the world’s most large surf complex. It possesses everything you could require under one shelter for a surf and beach venture. Here, you can find more than 1,500 surfboards, a variety of fabulous clothes, swimming costumes, and beach equipment, and you can rent a surfboard. You can relax near the 40-foot water partition, and 5,600-gallon shark and an imported fish tank placed right inside the buildings.

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Merritt Square Mall
Placed right on the Banana River, this island mall is an entertaining, convenient place to spend your day– and money. More than 80 brand and specialty stores have positions here, from Champs Sports and Aeropostale to Sephora inside JCPenny, you’re will definitely find all the things on your list. Hold stores include Macy’s, JCPenney Dillards, and Sears, and Merritt Square also highlights a 16-screen cinema, shine golf and an indoor bungee jump adventure.

Ron Jon Surf Shop
Ron Jon Surf Shop is the most famous surf shop, with a location in Cocoa Beach. You can locate Ron Jon stores along the coast, from Maryland to New Jersey, but it’s a favorite tourist attraction in the Space Coast, too. In fact, Ron Jon’s in Cocoa Beach area claims to be the biggest surfing shop. At Ron Jon’s, you can get everything you require for a day at the beach.

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