Best things to do with family in Cocoa Beach FLorida

Cocoa Beach Florida is arguably the most popular part of Florida’s Space Coast for visitants. One look at the wonderful Cocoa Beach and you’ll understand why it is popular. Many of the state’s most enjoyable things to do direct around Cocoa Beach. The Cocoa Beach Pier continues to be an excellent way to consume a day in Cocoa Beach. Stroll on the pier, see people, stand-up paddleboarding or perform surfing, take a snack to eat, shop for mementos and walk to the end of the pier for panoramic photos and a photo that points to go on forever. Cocoa Beach also contains some famous surf holidays. One of the world’s largest generous surf fests performs in Cocoa Beach, and so does an individual dog surfing contest. The venture continues with airboat trips that take you to the swampy rivers, where you can see alligators and eagles. Here are some most enjoyable things to do in Cocoa Beach.

Best attractions in Cocoa Beach Florida

Best attractions in Cocoa Beach Florida

Space Coast Brews Cruise

The Space Coast Brews Cruise provides beer lovers an escorted trip through some of the region’s most immeasurable microbreweries. You may catch the Florida Beer Company, Florida’s largest craft brewery in Cape Canaveral, located in a quirky old building in Cocoa Beach; the Intracoastal Brewing Company, ideally located in the Eau Gallie Art District; Charlie & Jake’s Brewery and Grille, where you can hold a beer with BBQ; or Merritt Island’s Bugnutty Brewing Company, one of the novel breweries in the country. Of course, there is much beer tasting involved, and it spans a wide range of beer forms – from stouts to pale ales – to join a variety of taste buds.

Cocoa Beach Skate Park

A surfboard is one of its brands of the board you can experience on Cocoa Beach. The Cocoa Beach Skate Park provides another outdoor venture under the excellent Space Coast sunshine. The CB Skateboard Company covers the skate park and its on-site skate shop, placed right after the high school – so it constantly looks to be hoppin’. This special park has challenging “bowls,” posts and a half-pipe and friendly staff. Best of all, the prices are super reasonable.

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Brevard Museum of History and Natural Science

Step into a world of history and get a flash of life in the past with shows native to Central Florida. The goal is to preserve the natural value and story of the Space Coast. So, here you will get memorable artifacts, statues, rockets and fossils and many more. The By-Gone Beasts exhibit includes antique skeletons of a saber-tooth cat including the mastodon, amongst others. Kids experience interactive experiments, like a rocket simulation. Also look for environmental and informative presentations, a museum shop, lobby, and the different Winchester Wing, where you can make a compelling presentation about Brevard County archives.

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