Our shuttle services from Kissimmee to Venice run once a day everyday.

Kissimmee to Venice Shuttle Bus Services

Our Kissimmee to Venice shuttle service is a frequently used trip by countless tourists, visitors and many locals because of a reason that it is the simplest and most economical way of ground transportation in Florida. Just select the type of shuttle service you need and get an instant quote. Also, our operators and our dispatchers are trained enough to constantly provide a great customer service.

Hours of 9uOperation: 7 days a week from 6:00am to 10:00pm
Phone Support: 407-512-6606
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Kissimmee to Venice Transportation Options

Shared Transportation

Our Kissimmee to Venice shared shuttle bus is one of the best options to travel from Kissimmee to anywhere  in the state of Florida at very reasonable price. Our shared shuttle bus from Kissimmee to Venice runs once a day 7 days a week.

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Private Transportation

Our Kissimmee to Venice private transfers is the most convenient way of  ground transportation anywhere in the state of Florida. It is the type of transportation service which is flexible and that takes you to your desired destination anywhere in Florida at anytime you need.

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The Kissimmee to Venice shuttle bus offers you an option to travel not only between Kissimmee and Venice, but also to many other popular cities we serve in the state of Florida. The Kissimmee to Venice city to city transfers give us an opportunity to serve more destinations then any other transportation service providers in the state. Not only this, but it also helps us to be a top notch company.

Kissimmee to Venice shuttle transfers routes and schedules

The common schedule that almost all ground transportation companies use in Florida are:

  • Morning time between 5:30am to 5:45am
  • Afternoon time available only on request

When traveling from Kissimmee to Venice in our shuttle bus, there are different transportation providers that departs an hour earlier or later depending on where from you would be getting picked up. 

  • Routes
  • luggage policy
  • door to door

We do offer a door service with our shared shuttle, but only in Kissimmee and not in Venice. Although, for our door to door service in Kissimmee; the mileage limitations apply as it should be within 5 miles of distance from our Kissimmee main stations. If your required address for the pick up/drop off is outside the available pick up/drop off main station radius which is, we will choose the closest Kissimmee main station to your city and will inform you via e-mail ahead.

Our Kissimmee, FL shuttle bus station locations are:
-5855 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 34746 (Old Town Dennys)
-1470 East Osceola Pkwy, Kissimmee, FL 34744 (Racetrack Gas Station)

Any questions regarding the Kissimmee to Venice shuttle door to door transportation service, please get in contact with us and one of our travel specialist will be able to assist you. Thank you!

There are two available options to book the Kissimmee Venice shuttle bus tickets:
Online Booking: Daily Shared Transportation and Private Transfers
Phone Booking: 407-512-6606

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  • airports

Kissimmee to Venice Travel Guide for tourists and Florida residents

Frequent travelers, visitors and tourists in billions comes to Florida for a vacation or any other purpose every year due to a fact that Florida has a lot to offer such as: wonderful theme parks, beautiful lakes, eye catching places and of course the amazing beaches. Tourists and also many local residents, are crazy about visiting different places within the state. There are many fun Spots to visit and to play around in Florida. So, if you're planing for a vacation there, we would like you to visit the Kissimmee Official site and Venice main portal. Also, you can take a look at our Travel Blog below for more information. Enjoy and Bon Voyage!

In order to know more about Kissimmee FL and its historical places, you may visit Kissimmee Wikipedia for more information about Museums, historical places and fun spots.

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