Enjoy the Best live music Spots in West Palm Beach

It’s no mystery that night on West Palm Beach can really take a hit on your purse, so when an excellent band can add to the event it seems like a great deal. This list holds some of the best spots for live music in West Palm Beach.

West Palm Beach Best live music Spots


West Palm Beach Best live music Spots

Lafayette’s West Palm Beach
Lafayette’s West Palm Beach is a unique music venue and nightlife hot spot. Based on the real Memphis location, which has treated big-name performances for decades, the West Palm repetition plans to send that strong bluesy vibe. Placed 0in the former BB King’s site, accepts up a great happy hour, cajun foods and live music. Struggling with other live music contributions at nearby Copper Blues and Blue Martini, Lafayette’s beliefs to win over patrons with a more varied type of act, sprinkling in star acts like JJ Grey with regionally traveling bands.

Blue Martini

Fashionable and hip, dim, this Place hotspot is constantly hustling and draws a steady group of upscale experts and tourists. Behind the bar, players perform on a lifted stage upon a grid of blue-lit cubbie holes. On any given night, you’re likely to catch Latin music, ‘Top 40 tunes, 70s disco, or classics by Marvin Gaye and Otis Redding. A little dance floor is available, and clients really dance, in among sips of tequilas, martinis (natch), handcrafted bourbons, single-malt scotches and wines by the bottle and glass. An outdoor bar assists those who want to see foot-traffic and be hit by warm breezes. Cocktails and desserts are available to improve the booze, and current attire is expected.

Respectable Street
Respectable Street on Clematis is surely worth checking out when you’re in the spirit to hear some new music. The large stage indoors has enough space and sound gear for a full band as well as lots of dancing room. If inside ever becomes too loud, move out back to the patio bar and step for some fresh air and a more familiar musical context. Aside from the fresh blend of alternative musicians, the best part about Respectable Street is that they feed to the late-night group with cocktail specials and long hours.

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E.R. Bradley’s Saloon
Once a private betting company in West Palm Beach, Bradley’s now lies at the base of Clematis Street near the Intracoastal Waterway. This town favorite is particularly popular with business models and West Palm Beach groups, who come to enjoy the experience of the hometown peoples and share of the excellent food. In the evenings, once the feast rush has gone down, the evening really starts to take hold. Beach music and bar-goers go to the floor and dance with freedom. Theme evenings add to the celebration, and four bars ensure that no one leaves thirsty. If you’re in the desire to drink, boogie, and socialize stop over any evening, and you’ll see the friendship that develops.

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