Five Helpful reviews about Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center is one of the most visit space complexes in Florida State. It is famous for its displays, exhibits, historic spacecraft, shows, memorabilia, two IMAX theaters and a wide range of bus tours of the spaceport. Kennedy space center is must go area with your kids to enhance their space knowledge. You can know about space shuttle Atlantis because Kennedy space center is a house of real Space Shuttle Atlantics. You can also get a presentation from a veteran NASA astronaut on daily bases. You can also enjoy a bus tour. In this article, we will share best useful reviews of Kennedy Space Center.

Helpful reviews about Kennedy Space Center

Barbara Bazemore Kiszka says:

I thoroughly enjoyed the day at Kennedy Space Center. The lunch with an Astronaut exceeded my expectations. The food was excellent including substantial, creative options for vegan and gluten-free, also very nice salmon and beef. The launch command center tour was very interesting. It was worthwhile to see the launchpads from this perspective and be in the place where so many historic launches have happened. The staff was outstanding, without exception. They want to be there and love their mission.

GEE Reid says:

Great experience, a must see! It literally takes a full day to see it all without the extras. Look for the alligators, Eagles nest, manatee, and other wildlife in addition to all the technology of yesterday, today, and what’s to come. Highly recommend taking the bus tour first. The lines get long and the later the hotter it can get. They do have fans and water mists in the shade to help. Also, the rock garden has a water park area for the kids to cool off. Pack a towel to dry them off. AAA members can get discount entry tickets online. Hotels and resorts generally have pamphlets with discounts on them. If on a tight budget you can pack an iced cooler with food and drinks and leave it in the car. The park allows re-entry as long as you get stamped before exiting.

Akers Thought Provocateur says:

WHAT CAN I SAY??? The last time I was there was in 1994. What a change to 2017 and 2018. I was there the first time last year for a launch and THAT is NOT to be missed. Then returned earlier this year with my son. He had a wonderful time, too. I had a great vegan meal in the biggest cafe. It was easy! The cafe staff was so helpful and made sure I had the perfect meal. The bus driver was knowledgeable and personable. It has certainly changed since ’94 and for the better. I will be back!

Abani Ojha says:

This is an amazing place. Very very well maintained and they handle the crowd well. While there are a lot of great things about the Kennedy Space Center, there are two things I loved the most. The first was walking around the corner and seeing the Saturn IV rock for the first time. It took my breath away. The second was the way the shuttle Atlantis was presented. I definitely recommend this place.

Patrick Guillemet says:

Absolutely amazing for space nerds of all ages. My second visit here and the tours are incredible – guides and staff that know what they’re talking about and beam proudly while doing their job! The Atlantis exhibit is excellent, brought me back to my childhood fascination with space exploration, shuttles and all things extraterrestrial. Can’t wait to go back

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