Five useful reviews about Palm Beach Zoo

West Palm Beach is one of a kind city located on the East Coast of Florida. This city is home of world’s most richest and famous people. There are many places here which you can explore with your family. Palm Beach Zoo is such a place which you must explore if you are in West Palm Beach, Florida and you can hire Florida Shuttle if you are in search of some reliable ground transportation. In this blog you will read five useful reviews about Palm Beach Zoo in Florida.

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Reviews about Palm Beach Zoo

Andrea Anthony says:

It’s definitely worth a visit. The exhibits are clean and the staff are exceptionally nice and helpful. I don’T know why people say it’s small. In my opinion, it’s a good size with a good variety of animals.

Alison Bailey says:

Went and visited for a surprise trip, definitely worth it! Although Palm Beach Zoo was still recuperating from hurricane Irma with some exhibits closed off, there were still plenty of animals to see. The keepers talks were very informative and the keepers loved to answer questions.

Caitlin Nolan says:
One of the best Zoos I’ve ever been to. My 1 yr old had a blast and so did all of us adults. You can spend do it in a few hours or spend most of the day. The play fountain is a fantastic feature to break up the day with little ones and cool off!
Elizabeth Cooper says:
A stroll through the Palm Beach Zoo is lovely with so much shade. The animals are very close, the Zoo keepers are friendly and knowledgeable, and there is a large splash fountain to cool off by on a hot summer day.We made a mosaic at a fundraiser a couple of years ago, and it is so wonderful to see it still in the butterfly garden today!
Kristen Bennett says:
I love this zoo so much, I am currently volunteering here, when you spend time here you understand why everything is the way it is, all the staff I have met have been really friendly, almost everything that people may question, there is a rhyme or reason for it. I sat down for the wild things show and watching them do their presentation and seeing the happiness of the crowd and children almost brought tears to my eyes because it was so special and I love what they do at Palm Beach zoo, they strive for conservation and do whatever it takes to help the animals and educate the community when I am there I know I am in the exactly the right place that I need to be. I will always continue to refer people to this zoo!

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