Five useful tips about Wynwood Walls

In Miami, Wynwood walls are unique outdoor destination loaded with large colorful murals by the artist from around the world. By visiting Wynwood walls you will definitely understand the taste of Miami’s art.
Amazing art on walls will blow your mind. The creative design, abstract paintings, and famous quotes make this place one of the best of its kind. The most famous time to visit is on second Saturday of every month. There is the monthly event held on second Saturday of every month. This is the best time to visit Wynwood Walls. Along these events, you can enjoy live music and art galleries.

Five useful tips about Wynwood Walls in Miami

There are plenty of shopping area for the visitor. You can get gifts, prints, books and arts created by the artist of Wynwood Walls. There are five useful tips about Wynwood Walls Miami from trip advisor will help you.

ARTURO A says:

We were in a business meeting and I was told that we would have a culinary tour near Wyndwood wall, I did not know what they were talking about but I was ready to go. The walking food tour was excellent visiting traditional places in downtown Miami, we visited a Peruvian restaurant that has great seafood, an organic cafeteria that is famous for its quality, an Argentinan place that had great empanadas, among other places. All those places had in common that they are walking distance from Wyndwoos Walls which is extraordinary because you can find fine street art in walls made by famous painters from all over the world. It is a big lot that was rescued from destruction and now is dedicated to art and relaxation. There is also a gallery where you can find paints from famous artist, an indoor space called Taj Mahal behind all pieces exhibited there come from the Atlantic City Taj Mahal hotel than went bankrupt many years ago, it has a nice restaurant with a comfortable bar but the most surprising thing is that is free so everybody can enjoy it.

SandraPcda says:

We visited Miami as a port day during our 9-day cruise. We had one day to see the city. We chose Wynwood Walls because of the high ratings on Tripadvisor and were not disappointed. It was amazing. We took a taxi from the port which cost us $20 and found out afterward Miami has a free Trolly service from the port. The Wynwood Walls are free to see. I wouldn’t pay for a tour. Do your research and be adventurous. This is the best site to see even if you’re not an art enthusiast.

Miguel_Z33 says:

The Wynwood neighborhood is a fantastic experience to walk around and take in the best street art in the planet all within a few blocks. The restaurants and eateries provide great food all within the same neighborhood and the whole experience is mind-blowing to see so much street art all in one area. The quality of the murals and the artistry are amazing, the colors and expression of the messages jump out at you grabbing your every sense. Awesome way to spend half a day or more.

FrancesAndLee says:

We stopped off from our bus tour and spent a pleasant hour wandering the neighborhood and seeing the urban art here. We found Wynwood Walls interesting, art a real mix so a thought-provoking gallery. Well worth a visit.

Beale_St_Sam says:

Wynwood walls is a free outdoor exhibit of graffiti worthy of being called art. I found that many locals have not seen this gallery or the neighborhood. It is a great place to spend a few hours after South Beach. There are numerous and varied local shops. My wife loved them. There is food and drink everywhere in the Wynwood neighborhood. Plenty of lovely and unexpected photo ops along the streets. I will return because after 4 hours, I am certain I did not see everything. Go if you enjoy kitschy artwork. Wear walking shoes. Take the kids.

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