Get to know about 3 best sites in Melbourne Florida which are admired by the tourists and travelers

Melbourne is the principal city of the Palm Bay, Florida. Melbourne is located 60 miles in southeast of Orlando on the Space Coast, along I-95. It is a small city and has a population of a few thousand. But this small city is famous for its tourist attractions. There are many places in Melbourne which attract tourist and travelers from all around the world. Melbourne beach is such a location whose beauty is without comparison. If you are sitting at the shores in the evening time you will get a felling that you are ascended to a very different place. Fishing at Melbourne beach area is the favorite hobby of the locals. There are many sites in Melbourne, Florida which are admired by the tourists and travelers.

Best 3 sites in Melbourne Florida

The Sea Turtle Preservation Society

The Sea Turtle Preservation Society is an organization whose main goal is to help and safeguard the new born sea turtles. There eggs are the size of a ping pong ball. When they hatch they are so fragile but they they instinctively move towards the wide ocean. It is the favorite location of the children of all ages and it is also a new and wonderful experience to them as well. Statistically speaking only a few hatch lings survive till the adulthood so it can be said that by saving as many as possible they play a very important role.

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Honest Johns Fishing Camp

Honest Johns Fishing Camp came into being in 1887 after the ravages of civil war. It was a farm which at that time which was used to grow vegetables and beans but little John did not wanted to be a farmer so he became a fisherman instead. In other words this place has a very history and it is also the most suitable place for fishing, kayaking, motor boating and many other recreational activities. Some times the tourist could also see the Dolphins jumping out of the sea. So it could also be said that it is also a good place to observe Dolphins closely. It is one of the sites in Melbourne, Florida which are admired by the tourists and traveler.

Sebastian Inlet Surf & Sport 

Sebastian Inlet Surf and Sport shop is located in Melbourne area. If you are in Melbourne and you are still out of water then your trip is ruined. Surfing and swimming are essential if you are at Melbourne beach and you do not have any equipment then Sebastian’s Inlet Surf and Sport shop will provide you with all the equipment you need to make your trip memorable.

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