Get to know about best outdoor activities in Miami

While a resident of Miami complains about the South Florida heat, on most times, our friends up North are hoping they could just leave their homes without having to pull on 17 stories. They would apparently kill for just one day of fun in the sun that Miamians take for admitted. Sure, you can seldom get a little testy from feeling hot and viscous, but you’ve gotta admit that not only are you given to live in paradise, but also summer is unlimited around these parts, and you should take advantage. Go outdoor, explore, and reveal some of the best outdoor activities in Miami.

best ways to spend time outdoors in Miami

Here are the few best ways to spend time outdoors in Miami

Canoe or kayak in Oleta River State Park
You could simply borrow your relative’s kayak and catch a ride through the canal behind your residence. But Oleta River State Park, facing Biscayne Bay, is a treasure that’s begging to be examined. This spot gives a lot of great outdoor activities, but driving through the beautiful mangrove tracks is an exceptional experience. On your scenic ride, you’ll get a glimpse of wildlife, but try not to afraid if you unexpectedly bump into mangrove and one of those disgusting crabs falls into your boat. Just easily scoop it out and keep going, because if you exaggerate, you’ll flip over into the water.

Lend a quad bike at Bill Baggs Cape Florida
When it appears to outdoor activities, this park on the southern third of Key Biscayne has it completely. From beachside amusement to fishing and hiking nature tracks, the park, also known as “El Farito” to locals, is the best spot for entertainment in the sun. Though the park gives a ton of great ventures for residents to bask in the city’s artistic glory, the real highlight is its 1.5-mile covered bike path. Rent a quad bike from the franchise stand near the park’s Lighthouse Cafe and take a trip through the park as you and your team take in nature and unbelievable views of Biscayne Bay.

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Float at Venetian Pool
With its caves and scenic waterfalls, Venetian Pool is the only site in Miami-Dade where you can fool people into thinking you’re in Cancún or waving at the Playboy Mansion. The 820,000-gallon pool, placed in Coral Gables, was built from a coral-rock game almost 100 years ago and is still a regional favorite today. Before you attempt out to the City Beautiful, take note: Coming early is definitely vital.

Allow your dog romp at Hobie Beach
your pooch would like nothing more than to consume some quality time working fetch on the beach. Waiting by the entrance for you to come home from job day in and day out is exhausting, and your dog earns to let all of its pent-up power out, in Miami-style.

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