Get to know about Fort Myers Florida

Fort Myers is the most visited cities in Florida state. The Edison and Ford Winter Estates is the most visited attractions in Fort Myers. The Southwest Florida Museum of History entertains walking tours; this is an excellent way to see the views of downtown Fort Myers. Reservations are needed at the Southwest Florida Museum of History. Imaginarium, an interactive museum, has many exhibits explaining scientific concepts and is the perfect place for children. The Seminole Gulf Railway provides visitors a scenic trip through the enclosing countryside. But don’t overlook the main attraction: the beach. In Fort Myers not all beach parking meters accept credit cards, so keep some cash handy. Here are some unique things about Fort Myers Florida.

Best five unique Features of Fort Myers

Get to know about Fort Myers Florida

Spring Training:

Both the Minnesota Twins and Boston Red Sox carry their annual spring training in Fort Myers. In late February sees crowds of baseball fans gathering to southwest Florida for spring training games – which continue through the end of March. There is a lot of fun, and you can enjoy the best weather of the year.

Great Weather:

In Fort Myers, Winter is a game watched on the Weather Channel. Winter is a little changeable in December and January but “jumping temperatures” often propose into the 60s, with the sunshine. Winter temperature can go as high as 80. Spring is pleasant as well, with the 70s and 80s for the highs till – typically – May, when summer comes greeting. Summer is hot (the high 90s) and muggy, but you don’t have to worry about it. You’ll be in the water pool, on the beach, and never encountering any crowds; summer is off-season here. “Fall” gives the lowest prices of the year in hotels and the heat of summer, till about the 3rd week of October, when it reduces to 70s.

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Islands & Beaches:

Southwest Florida has fabulous beaches. Sanibel Island is world-known for shelling; its seashell-laden beaches are loaded with treasures all year. Little Captiva Island faces west, so its beach is a full of happiness at happy hour, regularly. Fort Myers Beach, on the Estero Island, a laid-back beach with the visitor bars serving drinks right in the sand. Pristine Lovers’ Key is for boating and sunning in privacy. Several other beaches are visited by charter boat or water taxi only. All beaches have white sand, and most have wildlife.


Holidays are usually made around sunsets in southwest Florida. Whether you see the sunset from the beach, or the floor of a tour boat, to the softness of a tropical guitar player, Your sunset reminiscences from Fort Myers are assured to be remarkable.

Outdoor Lifestyles:

Tennis, golf, Fishing, walking, shelling, paddling, The Fort Myers is all about these ventures. With a full calendar of sunshiny days and temps which are unusually cold give Fort Myers visitants their choice of outdoor experiments. Fishing is an excellent maritime or on; tennis and golf clubs pepper the area. Lakes Park is an individually popular area to get outdoors, with its long hiking paths and boat rentals.

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