Get to know about the beaches of Fort Lauderdale Florida

It’s all about the beaches if someone is coming to Fort Lauderdale. They’re fabulous. From kids to college students to honeymooners to movie stars, Ft. Lauderdale beaches have seen them all. For you, if you are thinking about the perfect vacation day playing in the sand or swimming in the ocean, then Fort Lauderdale just what you need. If you’re more interested in viewing nature up close and personal on perfect coastlines, then plan a day at the refined Hillsboro Beach or John U. Lloyd Beach State Park. Families particularly love the modern, playful sands of Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, and Lauderdale-By-The-Sea. For the visitor who not only needs the sun, the fun, and the ocean as well as nearby shopping and dining, it’s off to the legendary Hollywood Beach with its Boardwalk and endless fun. Here are some best beaches in Fort Lauderdale.


Spectacular beaches of Fort Lauderdale Florida

Get to know about the beaches of Fort Lauderdale Florida

Hollywood Beach

One of the area’s most popular seasides, Hollywood Beach, Florida attracts visitors and natives from far and near. Owning miles of beautiful, clean coastline enclosing the famous 1920s-era Boardwalk, a popular tendency that runs 2-1/2 miles up and down the beach, and named one of America’s top 10 lonely boardwalks by “USA Today.” This charming heaven offers many outlets for seaside fun, including a paddle-ball, volleyball, water park, yoga classes, water sports, live concerts, and entertainment, as well as plenty of tasty dining choices.

Lauderdale By The Sea

The charming seaside area of Lauderdale By The Sea, with a name as a Low-Key Get-Away, is set on a scenic barrier island where the only noises are the soothing race of waves and the special shout of enthusiasm from lucky fishers on Anglin’s Pier. This beach is also a famous diving spot, as it is one of few Florida areas where the beautiful three-tier natural coral reef system is within swimming range of the shore. Plan a Friday night stay when the street that runs through town is closed for traffic, a stage is set up and enjoy the live music.

Pompano Beach

Because of an arch in the Gulf Stream, Pompano Beach, Florida owns some of the most transparent and warmest water in South Florida, serving even those beachgoers identified as the toe-tester of water and then head right back to their sun-drenched towels. Nominated for the saltwater fish found particularly in area waters, this attractive coastline also holds an offshore reef for diving and snorkeling, a wide, sugary beach for sunbathing, and a 24-hour pier that allows visitors to enjoy the unique beauty of a moonlit ocean.

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Fort Lauderdale Beach

This beach-chic goal is one of Broward County’s excellent Blue Wave Beaches. The world-famous Fort Lauderdale beachfront owns four miles of publicly accessible coastline supported by a colorful array of fashionable shops, welcoming sidewalk cafes and exciting entertainment venues. And for those who can’t get full of this world-class range of coastline real estate, there are some of the most beautiful luxurious condo options in the world.

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