Get to know  about the best restaurants in Port Canaveral

Port Canaveral is one of the active cruise ports in the world, so this city of the Space Coast has lots of stomachs to fill. Before you go out on your sail, or after you spend the day seeing ships in the port, check out one of our famous restaurants in Port Canaveral. The port is full of best seafood restaurants, such as Seafood Atlantic Inc, Grills Seafood Deck, and Tiki Bar, Fishlips Waterfront Bar, and Grill, Rusty’s Seafood and Oyster Bar. International passengers may also be pleasingly surprised by the variety of ethnic food in this area. Euro Kafe Etcetera and Izzy’s Bistro specialize in true European favorites. For comfort food, go to Papa Vito’s. It also serves pizza in the area. Another pizza best place is Kelsey’s Pizza, perfect if you’re watching for a simple bite to eat.


Best restaurants in Port Canaveral Florida

Best restaurants in Port Canaveral Florida

Rusty’s Seafood & Oyster Bar
The best place to cool your feet at the close of the day, Rusty’s is an entertaining, laid-back sort of place that highlights a great deck, live performance, and great scenes. Try a dozen oysters, a pound of shellfishes or an order of mussels cooked in wine. The more popular list, while, include everything from hand-breaded jumbo shrimp to Maine lobster, and the regular fish special (always fresh).

Euro Kafe Etcetera
The Euro Kafe Etcetera is famous for its valid European fare, made by Chef Mark Pecko. You can get breakfast, lunch or dinner in this beautiful and charming little gem. Ahead of the mouthwatering, wurst, freshly pounded German schnitzels, sauerbraten, and homestyle soups, you can also find European-style cakes here. It also indulges in ideas from Sweden, Poland, Portugal, Croatia, and Hungary.

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Grills Seafood Deck & Tiki Bar
Pick your preferred place: Melbourne Riverside or on the Port. But whatever you do, don’t conclude this restaurant by its curb demand. Grills look like a regular waterside shack, but then it’s that meditated shabbiness that supports the character of the place. If you want to have fresh seafood and fish you seek, Grills serves up some of the best.

Papa Vito’s
Papa Vito is an Italian Restaurant in Cape Canaveral, It is not the economical Italian restaurant on the Space Coast, but it does have excellent meals. If you have the time it is the right choice, you can have quality food at reasonable prices. Papa Vito’s serves up Italian food and pizza 365 days a year. It’s open from 11 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. every day. Every day, Papa Vita’s has different lunch meals. Get chips, sandwiches, and a drink starting at just $3. You can also, check out the “early bird” and “late-night” happy hour deals.

Crackers Island Grille
Crackers Island Grill is a favorite restaurant of locals. This comfortable restaurant in Cape Canaveral is close to the next door to Core Surf and waves, so it carries in the hungry wave-hunters. But it’s also famous among hungry tourists seeking a house-made cheap meal. Daily meals are just started from $6.50, and that usually adds a side and drink.

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