Get to know about the top three exciting places to visit in Lakeland

The city of Lakeland is located on i-4 just about an hour drive from Tampa. If you have a family or friends get together and want some time to get relax, Lakeland is one of the ideal choices. Here you will find many lakes and shores to spend an unforgettable evening with your loved ones. Lake Mirror is an ideal place for boating and outdoor recreation because of a reason that it has a promenade and neoclassical Hollis Gardens. Places like Explorations V Children’s Museum, Hollis Garden and Circle B Bar Reserve, are among many ideal places for family entertainment. In this article, you will get to know about the top three exciting places to visit in Lakeland, Florida.

Top three exciting places to visit in Lakeland

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Explorations V Children’s Museum:

Explorations V Children’s Museum in Lakeland is a worth visiting place, especially for kids because it has a fantastic playground inside. It is not only a museum but also with all the trinkets and toys they have; you can call it a playground for children. The Tot Spot is incredible for kids under four years of age. There’s not much to do in the tot spot. However, it would keep children thoroughly entertained. It includes a rocking seat and individual areas. They offer different group pursuits during the day. The Staff here is friendly and seem to love kids.

Circle B Bar Reserve: 

Circle B Bar Reserve offers an incredible variety of birds where you can get some great shots even with your smartphones. Dawn is the best time to go there when the birds are about to start their day with their sweet mesmerizing voices. Full tracks with broad open areas take you to a moment when you were one on one with nature. It will not disappoint you at all even if you have visited this place earlier. Either take your family for a hike or to get relax, you may have it all. They entertain a seasonal butterfly event where you can associate with hundreds of beautiful butterflies inside a garden covered with a net. While on a long walk, you can see various Polk County native animals, like the famous alligator and eagles.

Hollis Garden:

Hollis Garden is quiet and calm, and the garden is fabulously maintained. It is an exceptional venue for weddings, promenades, family gatherings. Many locals also come to this area to enjoy hiking and to take spectacular photographs. Many high schools plan to visit this area for prom and homecoming season. There is also a lake that connects to the fire department, and you can look around when it opens. There is also a restaurant close to the lake, so you can enjoy tasty food there.

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