How to use the Orlando to Miami shuttle bus

There are many ways to use a shuttle bus from Orlando, Florida to Miami, Florida. We also have service for Airport (MCO), International Drive Orlando. Orlando is one of the most visited cities of the Florida State in all over the world because of its stunning destinations such as Universal Studios, Disney World, Epcot, Sea World and much more. Orlando is the most well-known of all areas for the prefect vacation with your family and friends. Below, you can see the basic standard of the best ways to take a trip to and from Orlando and Miami by utilizing best ground transportation service such as Go Florida Shuttle.

Travel guide on how to use the Orlando to Miami shuttle bus service

The ground transportation division in Miami, as well as Orlando, become such an advance that the  Florida State is implemented a super train as a result of the many travelers or local residence that uses shuttle service from Orlando to Miami as well as vice-versa, from Miami to Orlando. As a result, listed below, you will get to know a couple of tips about how to utilize this prominent route:

  • Travel Itinerary: You always have to make sure that you are taking your travel itinerary (ticket) with you at the time of you traveling to avoid any kind of inconvenience.
  • Time Frame: You need to make your reservation at least 4 to 5 days in advance to avoid the unavailability of the seats because sometimes at the very last moment seats are not available due to the high volume of the tourists.
  • Traveling to Sea port/Airport: Please check all the required documents required by the Airlines and Cruise lines before leaving from your destination to not miss your flight and ship.
  • Luggage: It is the most important thing about traveling that you have to make sure of the luggage policy of the company that you are traveling with to avoid any kind of trouble.
  • Child Safety: Make sure that the company provides child car seat because some transportation service provider can’t offer that service.
  • Pick up time: You have to be at the main station pick up point at least 10 to 15 minutes before the pickup time.
  • Schedule: The Orlando to Miami shuttle schedule is pretty simple. Please make sure that you are picking up the time you would like to travel and don’t forgot to call at the help desk before making a reservation (if you are making the reservation online) to confirm the availability of the seat for the time you would like to get picked up/drop off.
  • Locations: There are two to three central stations for the pickup and drop off when you are using the shuttle service from Orlando. The MCO and International drive is the nearest station around your pick up points. This way, you can quickly select the closest convenience point for you to get the shuttle bus. The same goes for Miami as you may choose any of the central stations in Miami out of Miami International airport or downtown area.

There are the few things that you need to care of to get the hassle-free ride, especially when you are going on a tour; nobody wants their holidays to be spoiled because of any type of incident. In case you want to take a shuttle service from Orlando to Miami, there is a company named as Go Florida Shuttle that is best and fits your requirement. Make sure to always call at the help desk to get quote and schedule details OR you can also visit their website to get all the traveling information online.


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