Learn about the truth why Cocoa Beach is considered a magical place

Cocoa Beach is a small city which has the total area of 15.0 square miles. Rather it is a small city but a very famous tourist attraction. It has a very long history. At the end of civil war this piece of land was occupied by a group of  free slaves. It went through a lot of changes during World War I and World War II and many events of significance became a part of this small city’s history. But now these days the city of Cocoa Beach has turned into a very famous tourist attraction and a large number of travelers and tourist consider this small city their dream location. Down Below you will learn about the truth why Cocoa Beach is considered a magical place.

Why Cocoa Beach is considered a magical place

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Only one mile away from the legendary theme parks of Orlando there is located the beautiful and relaxing Cocoa Beach. It is not only a Beach area but it offers a lot of fun things to do to all the locals and tourists. There is not a trip which is complete without visiting the historic Cocoa Beach Pier. Stretching 800 feet long at the Atlantic Ocean Cocoa Beach is the surfing and beach capital of the area for the tourist and travelers. Surfing, Swimming, Sunning and the fishing at West Cocoa Beach are is the newest addition in the area. First stop of the tourist and traveler is trader Rex market place which provides necessary gear to all the travelers to spend a good day at the beach. Sun care product, beach toys, shovels, buckets, umbrellas and the surf board are the most commonly demanded products at the beach area. Sub Tropical areas provides best kind of entertainment to all the locals and visitors. There are also most beautiful and top quality restaurants are located at this 800 meter beach pier. It will be true to say that Cocoa Beach is the most magical place which defines the beauty of this city. If you are in a mood for fishing then you can without any problem cast a line for the salt water fishing. Fishing equipment is very easily available. You can also get your favorite souvenirs from the pier area very easily. On the beach you will also find four full service restaurants and bars with open dining and a spectacular view. Tiki Bar has become the most exotic place to all the tourists and locals. If you are board then the challenge your friends and family to a friendly beach Volley Ball contest at the white these beautiful beaches. If you will visit here only once you will learn about the truth why Cocoa Beach is considered a magical place.

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