Six best Flea Markets in the state of Florida

The Sunshine State might be quite known for its beaches, water activities, and magical theme parks, but it’s also familiar to some of the most different shopping experiences in the country. You’ll view malls, boutiques, and outlets of all kind, but if you’re looking to pick up an individual piece or bargain discover, Florida’s several flea markets are the place to explore. From arguably America’s biggest flea market to small, country markets and family-friendly events, here is our choice of the best flea markets in Florida.

Best Flea Markets in the state of Florida

Top six Flea Markets in the state of Florida

1. Red Barn Flea Market

The family-owned and managed Red Barn Flea Market in Bradenton has been working since the early 80’s, and now covers 80,000 sq. Ft. With over 600 flea markets shops and stall, the former lumber yard is the ideal place to browse for a bargain or take a bite to eat at one of the several food courts. If you’re looking for the excellent product, you can also check out the adjoining 145,000 sq.ft. Open-Air farmers market. With up to 10,000 guests each weekend, the great Red Barn Flea Market also has perpetual stores – with everything from clothing to jewelry and homeware – as well as garage-sale booths, and ten paintings created by local artists to find while you are shopping.

2. Wagon Wheel Flea Market

Beginning as just one man – Hardy Huntley – selling goods that he had purchased and fixed by the side of the street in the 1960s, the Wagon Wheel Flea Market is now one of the most famous flea markets in Florida. 2,000 merchants sell their wares here each weekend, come rain or shine, at the venue found in the heart of Pinellas County, among St. Petersburg and Clearwater. With everything from clothing to car accessories, books to bikes, and perfume to plants, the Wagon Wheel saying that “If you can’t locate it here, it probably doesn’t exist” seems wholly appropriate.

3. Fleamasters Fleamarket

Near to Fort Myers, Fleamasters Fleamarket is arguably one of the significant touristy markets in Florida, but with such a vast offering of stalls and vendors, it’s an unmissable target for bargain hunters. There are over 20 food stalls and 900 shops set over 400,000 sq.ft, with everything from arts and crafts to good produce, antiques, clothing, jewelry, kitchenware, and more. New stores and stalls pop up each week at this market, so even if you’ve attended before, it’s worth checking in to view what the latest additions are selling. You can also find shows and live music at the newly added Music Hall at Fleamasters – a 300-seated stage space with state-of-art concert sound and lighting.

4. Flamingo Island Flea Market

Occupying the size of a football stadium and highlighting bars, entertainment, and live bands, the Flamingo Island Flea Market is more than only another collection of weekend market stalls. Positioned between in Bonita Springs, between Fort Myers and Naples, the Flamingo Island Flea Market has over 200 vendors, marketing everything from leatherware to plants and books. While you might be able to discover other markets in the state giving similar goods, it’s the environment of Flamingo Island that makes this such a critical flea market to visit.

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Best Flea Markets in the state of Florida

5. Redland Market Village

One for the food enthusiasts, Redland Market Village in Miami placed to more than twenty food trucks serving food from the world, and hundreds of flea market stalls, covering 27 acres of land. Started in 1989, the Redlands Market Village continues to be family owned and managed and is one of the only fleas in the region to give visitors shopping seven days a week. Choose up fresh produce at the farmers’ market, appreciate the fun-for-all-the-family environment with regular live fun or hunt amongst the stalls for secret treasure.

6. Renningers Flea and Farmers Market

The Melbourne installment of Florida’s most prominent twin fleas, Renninger’s Flea & Farmer’s Market is the biggest on the Space Coast. Working since 1987 Renninger’s located over 20 acres of land, with more than two miles of covered market shopping and over 800 booths. From open-air stalls to specialty shops and a vast range of places to eat and drink, Renninger’s is Florida’s flea not to missed. Whether you need to pick up a Sunshine State souvenir, require everyday household things or want to soak in the environment in one of the sunny market beer gardens, a tour to Renninger’s is an ideal weekend escape.

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