Start your day with fantastic breakfast in Fort Myers

Breakfast is the base of your day. Just say no to the pre-packaged cereal bar, mindlessly eating a stale behind the wheel of your car. While “time” does manage to dictate your morning plan, several famous Fort Myers places can give you both convenience and speed, along with much better tasting alternatives. And if you actually have some time to sit down and have a breakfast meeting or date, the choices are numerous. The Fort Myers area is home to breakfast cafe or restaurants like Bennett’s Fresh Roast, that not only give a quick fix but are also ideal for lingering and socializing over a second cup of robust coffee; Bennett’s is cooked in house, and it is deep after all. Or maybe a mimosa with a brie omelet and crab at the natural chic diner CRaVE is more your pace. Many restaurants put out an excellent breakfast every day, not just on the weekends. Breakfast is undoubtedly a corner for many places. Let us save you the pain of finding the superb breakfast spot in Fort Myers.

Get to know about the best breakfast spots in Fort Myers

Get to know about the best breakfast spots in Fort Myers

McGregor Cafe
The McGregor Cafe is placed in an old home in the heart of an established zone, full of tropical vegetation and old oak trees. Although there is protecting hedge, you’ll still catch the cars whiz by, but that nevermore seems to matter. The outdoor arrangement is casual, and you won’t feel awkward sitting here in your gym outfits.

Oasis Restaurant
Giving breakfast seven days a week, the Oasis Restaurant in downtown Fort Myers has a bit of everything to offer. The “hangover” omelet is a house masterpiece with Italian vegetables and sausage covered in cheese. The skillet pieces aren’t far back, and the gravy and biscuits are as good. Good for your belly and soul. The staff is very friendly, they give hugs generously, and you feel like you are a part of the family.

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Heavenly Biscuit
Set in a quiet, colorful beach cabin with low ceilings and uneven levels, this favorite café food up a mouthwatering menu that is both delectable and affordable. “Charming” may be the effective word, relevant to every perspective of the Heavenly Biscuit, from the venue to the service, the plating, and the ambrosial foods, making it the ideal spot to enjoy a lovely breakfast or lunch before going across the street to the beach.

Bennett’s Fresh Roast
Bennett’s Fresh Roast owned by a longtime, local radio celebrity C. David Bennett, his donuts got international attention. A favorite destination year-round, locals can’t wait until fall when the cases hold his famous Pumpkin Spice Donuts; they ooze with a sweet pumpkin cream filling. The maple donuts are also ideal for the season, particularly the ones covered with Nuewske’s Applewood smoked bacon.

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