Sun and Swim at Miami’s lush beaches

If your ideal vacation day involves soaking up the sun, dancing in the sand, or swimming in the sea, then our Miami is just what you need. Here are the best places to go on your tan, take a dive, gather seashells, have a picnic, hop on a jet ski or even do light fishing. 

While most souls think of South Beach when they imagine of Miami’s beaches, they don’t understand that it’s actually a rather upscale area that develops personality every few blocks.

For a more family-friendly beach tour, there are beaches like Virginia Key Beach and Crandon Park Beach. Both of these are placed on Key Biscayne, and each brings their own taste of beach life to visitants. Crandon highlights an outdoor skating rink, an informative visitor’s center, and both beaches have their own ancient carousels.

Get to know about the best beaches in Miami 

Get to know about the best beaches in Miami 


Venture through the toll counters on the Rickenbacker Causeway into Key Biscayne and you’ll instantly find striking plenty of colorful sailboards swimming to your right. That’s when you’ll acknowledge you’ve hit Hobie Beach. Also recognized as Windsurfer Beach, Hobie is the area to go for windsurfing in Miami. A town windsurfs concession stand runs right by the water here, and have made so for over two decades now, with a great reputation for excellent equipment and fair rates. Hobie is also quite attractive with four-legged beach enthusiasts and many often come to let their pups splash about in the frothy waters.


Historic Virginia Key Beach was once recognized as the only beach in Miami that could be adopted by African-Americans. Today, it is just one of many gorgeous stretches of sand and surf-ready for picnics and swimming by all locals and visitors alike. A little train was built decades ago to bring visitors around the area and an ancient Allan Herschel carousel still lives on site. Virginia Key Beach is often utilized as an event place, and there is an event meadow, a shed, and a dance stage as well as several shelters open for rent. Two yards are also found near the beach for children to play at.

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The Matheson Hammock Park, which also considers the full-service Matheson Hammock Marina, proposes several enticing features: natural, featuring old live oaks, native landscaping, palm trees and mangroves; a hammock trail for a beautiful, scenic walk that truly leads into Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden; Red Fish Grill, restaurant carved into an famous coral rock building, where excellent dining hours are between night and star-shine; and a man-made atoll lake that is maintained by Biscayne Bay. Shoal enough for children and accompanied by a lifeguard, it’s also ideal for kite-boarders because, while cool and gentle, strong breezes mop through here. A snack bar, picnic sheds, and restrooms make Matheson a comfortable spot for groups to take in the sun and saltwater. As a gift, there’s also an excellent view of downtown from over the bay.

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