Take a Summer Road Trip from Sarasota to Miami

Holidays are knocking at the door!! After all, summer is the perfect time to enjoy a vacation in Florida. Just pack your bags and take in one of the unforgettable road trip adventures from Sarasota to Miami. Traveling around the Sunshine state and enjoy every bit of your trip begins from Sarasota and ends in Miami. Easy trips blended with spectacular beaches, excellent shopping and classy hotels – Discovering all these can be a great pleasure starting from the beginning to till the end.

But one thing you shouldn’t forget is that you need to choose shuttle service from Sarasota to Miami, if you really want to cover all the sightseeing attractions of the mesmeric Florida. Check out our recommended choices for tripping on the road and feel free to adapt them to your holiday bucket list!

The Best Picks for a Sarasota to Miami Road Trip

Port Charlotte Found along reinvigorating Gulf Coast of Florida, Port Charlotte is located just a halfway between Fort Myers and Sarasota and is perfectly positioned to please every desire of water borne activities of enthusiasts. In fact, it has over 165 miles of waterways, offering access to the Gulf of Mexico, Charlotte Harbor and more along the shoreline. You’ll really love all these water sports activities. So stop over at this spot and explore on your own!

Port Charlotte

Cape Coral – Being renowned as the best Gulf Coast beaches and a home to the topmost family friendly attractions like the Sun Splash Family Waterpark, Cape Coral stands out as an appealing destination that appeals visitors all around the world. Located near the Gulf of Mexico and Fort Myers, Cape Coral is a quite vibrant and friendly community with awe-inspiring beauty that you generally expect as a visitor from Southwest Florida. With over 400 miles of canals, Cape Coral can offer a significant enhancement to the quality of life through boating, fishing and water sports activities. When making a road trip here, don’t forget to visit golf courses, tennis courts, nature preserves and athletic parks.

Cape Coral

Sanibel Island – Located along the Gulf of Mexico and a short drive from Fort Myers, Sanibel Island is the most popular destination for its magnificent sunsets, lighthouse and extremely luxurious resorts. So far, one of the most enjoyable activities to be experienced here is shelling. Hence, you can barely walk along the beach with indulging in the well-known ‘Sanibel Stoop’ in search of shells. But there’s much more you can get – finest accommodation, luscious dining opportunities (Seafood, obviously), fishing, boating and simply just a relaxing trip that offers a chance to get away from the hurly burly and also an opportunity to stay close with nature.

Sanibel Island

Marco Island – Situated just a short ride from Everglades and close to Naples, Marco Island is considered as one of the largest and well-developed islands amongst ten thousand islands in Florida. Being a Gulf Coast retreat, it offers lavishing resort accommodation facility, splendid beaches and unspoilt parks. However, the tropical climate is a key attraction to be enjoyed here in Marco Island.

Marco Island

Conclusion – Excited? Why are you waiting for! Start your summer holiday by taking a road trip from Sarasota to Miami with a shuttle transportation service. Florida Shuttle Express is a premier name in shuttle transportation industry, offering private and shared shuttle transportation service to ensure delightful and unforgettable holiday adventure to remember forever.

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