Tampa’s must-see tendencies inspire and delight the whole family.

Tampa offers guests many ways to learn more about its unique natural and artistic history. Through touring the city’s world-class museums, art exhibits, and zoos, you can learn more about the area in ways that are informative, inspiring, and interesting. To help you organize your sightseeing program while in Tampa, we pulled a list of the best options collectively. Make sure to review their websites for discounted vouchers!

The best spot to visit to get a big-picture scene of Tampa‘s cultural antiquity is at the Tampa Bay History Center. From man’s earliest arrival about 12,000 years ago to the present, Tampa has produced a beautiful backdrop for the human emotion of survival and growth. Conveniently placed downtown along the harbor, this is a state-of-the-art museum that gives a fun and informative experience for all ages. The excellence of the real world is also visible in the Tampa Bay area. You will discover many varieties of both plants and creatures that can be seen nowhere else in the area due to the sub-tropical weather and warm waters of Tampa Bay. To discover more, plan a holiday to the Lowry Park Zoo. This award-winning zoo is very traditional with families and highlights a Florida Boardwalk where you can attend many of the animals that make Florida home. 

Get to know about best places to visit in Tampa with family

Get to know about best places to visit in Tampa with family


A highlight of the Tampa art exhibition, this popular exhibit, is one of the only rare museums in the US devoted solely to photography. The museum is placed downtown in the architecturally notable Cube, a soaring six-story atrium structure. Promoting graphic art as central to our culture, the museum entertains exhibits of both well-known and contemporary photography.


MOSI is Tampa’s modern science and industry museum stuffed with fun activities and interactive learning activities. The facility houses a combination of continual exhibits that cover all methods of science, including anatomy, biology, physics, and meteorology. There is also a large area to host major touring exhibitions


Children have so much enjoyment here that the grown-ups end up unexpectedly having some as well. If you’ve never been to a kids’ museum, it’s not like a grown-up museum. It’s loud, loud, and exciting for all kids. There are many hands-on displays designed for research, such as a kid-sized grocery store, cruise ship, and airplane.

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Conveniently positioned close to downtown and adjacent to the Florida Aquarium, the American Victory Ship is one of Tampa’s secret gems. One of only 4 WWII ships that are fully-functioning, the Ship is a monument to the dedicated women and men of the American Merchant Fleet. Nearly all regions of the Ship are open to research, including the bridge, galley, weaponry, and crew cabins, mess halls, and Captain’s quarters, gyro and radio rooms, and much more.

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