The top 3 theme parks that turned Orlando into the biggest tourist attraction

The great state of Florida offers many famous tourist destination but prominent among them all is Orlando. Orlando is a city which is located in central Florida but every person who ever decide to take an expedition to Florida with his family, Orlando is a must see location. Orlando offer dozens of theme parks to all its visitors which make this amazing city indeed a very special place to visit. Orlando is also the center of business and commerce in Florida. It acts like a bridge between State of Florida and all other states of South America. Here is the introduction of some of the theme parks which have turned Orlando into the greatest tourist attraction of all times.

Top 3 Theme Parks In Orlando

Wizarding World OF Harry Potter

This theme park is located in Universal Orlando and it is the most popular theme park among Harry potter fans. Most visitors are from the age of 6 to 18 but there is no age restriction. Harry potter fans come here from every place around the world to be a part of Harry Potter’s world. In other words it is a replica of Hogwarts. There are also restaurants which offers best quality food to all the visitors. There is also a gift shop in the area where you can purchase all the souvenir you ever wished. You can also purchase all original novels of Harry Potter from the same stalls.

Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove is an amusement park located in Orlando, Florida. It is a sister park of Sea World Orlando and Aquatica Orlando. Dolphin are a specialty of this place. If you want to see them performing some amazing stunts then it is the right place. If you like Dolphins and Blue whales a lot and you want to take a swim with them then this is the ideal place. Dolphin are very intelligent and human friendly creatures and they love to play all sorts of fun games with their trainers. We recommend visit this place only once and adventures that you will experience here will always remain in your memories.

Magic Kingdom

This fairy land is also located in Orlando and it is commonly known as Magic Kingdom. All characters of fiction come into reality in this place. If you are into fairies and you believe that they do exist then you should try this place. You may find here what you dream for. This interesting place offers all sorts of entertainment. By visiting this place you will feel like that all your Disney characters have appeared into a real life. It is favorite place of all the children. To come here and to see their favorite character up close is the dream of a Disney fan. With the passage of time Magic Kingdom has turned into the biggest tourist attraction of all times.

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