Three fabulous places to visit on a trip to Lakeland Florida

Lakeland is located halfway between Orlando and Tampa. Lakeland is quite close to Orlando this city is also affected by the greater Orlando project. Lakeland is also considered an industrial city because it is home to many great industrial projects which have played a significant role in the development of this city. Before 1870 this area was occupied by the Native Americans. From thousands of years they were the permanent habitats of this area but much changed after the arrival of Spanish. Within a single century most of them were wiped out by western diseases and wars with the intruders. This city has gone through many changes with the passage of time. In this blog you will learn about three fabulous places to visit on a trip to Lakeland Florida.

Fabulous places to visit on a trip to Lakeland

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Fantasy of Flight

Fantasy of Flight is a museum in Lakeland which is related to the history of aviation. In simple words it can be described as pre historic plane museum. Earlier models of planes are kept here for the information of the public. There are two different hangers of this facility, a north wing and a south wing. This amazing museum provides a great deal of information about the history of planes. These pre-historic war birds are kept very well maintained. Without any doubt Fantasy of Flight is among the most fabulous places to visit on a trip to Lakeland, Florida.

Explorations v Children’s Museum

Explorations v Children’s Museum is an independent facility for the children of all ages. The main purpose of this facility is to make learning a fun experience for the children. There are three floors of this facility. Art, theater, Mathematics, Science and history is the center of focus on the first floor. On second floor exhibitions are held to improve the learning level of the young children. Without any confusion Explorations v Children’s Museum is among the most fabulous places to visit on a trip to Lakeland, Florida.

Circle B Bar Reserve

Circle B Bar Reserve is 1267 acres of land area of protected land which is managed by Board of County Commissioners. Environmental education is the main focus of this facility. Families, school groups, teachers and adults visit this place to learn about the environment. If you are in Lakeland and you are looking for a place for recreation, fun and education then Circle B Bar Reserve will be an ideal site to explore in Lakeland, Florida.

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