Three must visit places in Lakeland Florida

Lakeland is a great Florida city, just east of Tampa. There are many places here where you can go and relax with your family and friends. The town has many lakes. Lake Mirror, with its promenade and neoclassical Hollis Gardens, is an ideal place for boating and outdoor recreation. Explorations V Children’s Museum, Hollis Garden and Circle B Bar Reserve, are among ideal places for family recreation. In this blog, you will get to know about three must-visit sites in Lakeland, Florida.

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Three must visit places in Lakeland

Hollis Garden:

Hollis Garden is peaceful and tranquil, and the garden itself is a fabulously maintained. It is an excellent venue for pictures – weddings, proms, family sessions. Locals usually use this area to enjoy a walk, take scenic pictures, or conduct photo shoots. During Prom & Homecoming season for high school, most go to take pictures. The lake connects to the fire department (which conducts an open house once in a while so you can look around) also there is a restaurant nearby. There are conveniently benches along the lake in case you get tired. Along the lake and park, there are some exciting statues you can admire. This facility offers a great enjoyment with family. If you are searching for a quiet corner to read, then this outdoor space could be the best option.

Explorations V Children’s Museum:

Explorations V Children’s Museum located in Lakeland, Florida is fantastic inside the playground. Its a museum but with all the toys and stuff they have, it can pass as a playground. With Floridas heat, can’t last much at an outside stadium. Lots of exciting things to do here. The Tot Spot is impressive for kids under 4. There’s not a lot to do in the tot spot, but it would keep the young child entertained. It includes a rocking chair and private areas. They offer different group activities throughout the day. There’s an elevator or stairs, for convenience. Staff is amicable and seem to love kids! What else can you ask for?

Circle B Bar Reserve: 

Circle B Bar Reserve located in Lakeland, Florida offers an incredible variety of birds, and you can get some great shots just with an iPhone. Getting there at dawn when the birds are beginning their day is always inspiring. Vast trail with broad open areas transports you to a time when you were one on one with nature. It still doesn’t disappoint after all these years, if you have visited this place earlier. Beautiful place to go and relax, take your family for a hike. They host a seasonal butterfly event where you can interact with dozens of beautiful butterflies inside a netted garden. You can also enjoy on a long walk and see various Polk County native animals, like the famous alligator and eagles. The diversity of the bird calls is tremendous. This place is recommended for animal lovers and bird watching.

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