Tips To Know Before Planning a Visit In Miami

From the spectacular coastlines of Miami Beach to the couture filled streets, Miami is a magnificent city that manages itself to pay a tribute to its century old culture and also the cutting edge culture simultaneously. Being a playground for the trendsetters throughout the country for nearly a century, many people call Miami, a magical city.

With the warm tropical weather, excellent beachfront properties and the scenic atmosphere of the South Beach, Miami has become a winter getaway for thousands of Americans every year. However, a journey to Miami can offer an opportunity to enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving with colorful views of marine bodies and coral reefs as well as the lush vegetations in the neighborhoods like Coconut Grove.

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Best Time To Visit Miami

The months from January to April sees a regular influx of tourists in Miami, as it’s considered as the peak season. If you are on budget, then you can explore the joy of staying in the peaceful summer months in the city, especially between the month June and September.

Top Things to See and Do in Miami

Miami is a place, where every tourist loves to play. Being well-known for cruises, friendly people and parties, Miami is a wild city. This’s where you can go for fun in the sun. Here are the top things to see and do in Miami. Take a glimpse at following places and plan for your own vacation:

South Beach

South Beach is a major hotspot in the city of Miami. Apart from shopping to partying, this region of Miami Beach is famous for its trendy shops and bars. But South Beach can be little more expensive than other areas; but while you are in Miami, it’s well worth to make your visit there. However, you can enjoy the excitement of topless bathing as it’s permitted here. So it’s quintessential for Miami beach experiences.

Coral Castle

Coral Castle is a splendid sightseeing attraction; which was built by a Latvian born Miami citizen Ed Leedskalnin as a monument for his love. It’s a bit far away from the downtown area; but well worth for the time.

Lounge On The Beach

Apart from South Beach, some more waves to check out in Miami. However, the good spots include Haulover Beach, Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park and Virginia South Beach.

Enjoy Clubbing

There is an exciting, active nightlife in the Miami city. If you love clubbing, then Miami is the best place to enjoy the world of nightlife. Usually, you need $20-30 USD to enter into the clubs and enjoy drinks at a price of $10 USD.

Little Havana

If you aren’t visiting in March, then simply plan a visit to the Little Havana, the Cuban neighborhood in Miami. Enjoy delicious cuisines in the little restaurants, walking along the vibrant streets and getting in some salsa dancing.

Fruit and Spice Park

Being one of its kind, this park consists of 500 varieties of fruits and spice plants as well trees on the land of 30 areas. Again, this park even stands out a host of the festivities, so always check for the calendar to get more details, when you are in town.

Miami To Port Canaveral Shuttle

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