Top 3 Fort Myers Beaches To Enjoy Summer Holidays

In the last few years, Fort Myers has experienced a radical transformation from wild mangrove forests and fishing villages to golf courses, gated communities and high-rise resorts. Despite the major shift, Fort Myers is emerged itself as a vibrant community with so many things to do and see. Still the home to both spring breakers and snowbirds, Fort Myers is considered to be a hidden gem for writers and artists, in search of a laid-back vibe.

Again, if you’re looking to have more fun in the sun, there are plentiful experiences to be had on the spectacular beaches surrounding Fort Myers. From the tranquil and secluded natural habitats to the action packed shores, there’s sure to be a place that has your name written on the sand. Besides, you can hire shuttle service Orlando to Fort Myers for relaxing and comfortable transportation in Florida. Here are some of the top spots around Fort Myers to put up your umbrella and enjoy the water:

1. Captiva Beach: – Located at the entrance of South Seas Resort and on the northern peak of the island, it’s the least possible bit of public beach on Captiva. Here, parking facilities are limited; but it’s well-worth the effort if you can find a spot. There are several miles of shorelines and it’s commonly known as one of the most romantic beaches around Fort Myers. With full of shells on the sand, the dolphins are widely seen here on Captiva Beach playing in the clear blue water.

Captiva Beach

2. Tarpon Bay Beach: – Sitting on southern coast of Sanibel Island, Tarpon Bay Beach may not appeal the crowds that others can, but its calm, clear water can be ideal alternative for swimming, wide expansive land of soft white sand and can offer best opportunities for shelling. It’s quite common to see dolphins during a surf in Tarpon Bay Beach as well.

Tarpon Bay Beach

3. Cayo Costa State Park: – Cayo Costa is a popular barrier island extending around nine miles of beautiful beach, acres of shady pine trees and mangrove swamps. Being a fantastic spot for shelling, it’s a well-known getaway for wide concentrations of wildlife, including dolphins, multitude of bird species and manatees. Besides, many times people don’t want to make an effort to get here, that means the beach welcomes low crowds and at times you can feel as if you have the entire island for yourself!

Cayo Costa State Park

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