Top 3 Kid-friendly Activities to Enjoy On a Ft Lauderdale to Port Canaveral Trip

Port Canaveral – A Mesmeric Place with Full of Enjoyment and Delight

One of the most appreciable draws of Port Canaveral apart from the cruise lines is the availability of tons of activities for your family and kids to enjoy before and after your arrival. Though the State of Florida has everything to offer, you’ll find so many family-friendly activities that you certainly don’t want to miss on your journey.

If you’re planning for a vacation in Port Canaveral, then you should take a close glimpse at our travel guide to family-friendly activities to be enjoyed near Port Canaveral that will make you come back again and again throughout your lifetime.

  1. The Exploration Tower – The Epitome of Port Canaveral

Like every first time visitors, you must know that there are more than cruise ships and the space program in Port Canaveral. On your road trip from Ft Lauderdale to Port Canaveral, you will get to discover Exploration Tower, a seven-story museum offering a deep and captivating history. Featuring unique exhibits to appeal to every member of your family, Exploration Tower connects visitors with its local history. If you want some additional fun and excitement, explore the observation deck based at the top of the tower and watch out the ships leaving port.

No matter whether you’re visiting the Exploration Tower for the first time or multiple times, there will be lots of fun to be experienced on your trip. Surely, you will have great memories from its family-friendly activities to do in Exploration Tower.

  1. Kennedy Space Center – The Ultimate Destination for Plentiful Adventures

Remember one thing that Port Canaveral has rewarded with the title “Space Coast” for good reason. With a wide array of space programs available, Kennedy Space Center is considered to be the best family-friendly destination you should visit on your vacation. However, making your way along the Space Center can allow you to understand the first-hand commitment of America to the ‘Final Frontier’. Revive all your memories associated with the classic missions starting from Mercury to Apollo and get up close and connected with launch control centers. No matter what, a journey to Kennedy Space Center will be one of the memorable moments that everyone love to experience during their trip in Port Canaveral.

Kennedy Space Center

  1. Rocket Garden – Stay Connected with Epoch Rockets

When you’re visiting Kennedy Space Center, it’s obvious that you won’t want to miss out Rocket Garden. In fact, Rocket Garden hosts exhibitions on the science of space programs. Hence, it is one of the best destinations you should travel when you’re at Port Canaveral. In addition to, you’ll get an opportunity to watch some of the actual capsules used in outer space. So, it’s time to visit Rocket Garden and blend both science and history for family, kids, and friends.

Rocket Garden

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