Top 3 Tampa Florida attractions in 2018

Use your time in the sun during your vacation to Tampa Bay. There are many areas to traverse activities ranging from aquatic life sightseeing to great theme parks reaching remarkable heights. Bring along the entire family for the experience. While in Tampa, be sure to make these three beautiful attractions a must on your schedule, and explore the worlds of undersea life, global natural environments, and the ever-transforming world of science and technology with the Florida Aquarium, Tampa Zoo, and Museum of Science and Industry. These attractions provide you up-close and personal appearances at the wildlife that inhabits our Earth, as well as giving numerous interactive activities and shows that explain science, innovation, and the natural world through fun practices and educational programs. In the Florida Aquarium, see thousands of animals local to the beaches and bays of Florida, learn about endangered varieties and aquatic life at the Tampa Lowry Park Zoo, And near the universe area you’ve ever been able to think of science and industry possibly than in the museum. These museums and attractions in Tampa are assured to keep everyone in your family entertained no matter their ages!

Get to know about top 3 Tampa Florida attractions in 2018

The Florida Aquarium

Explore an interactive and informative aquarium experience at the Florida Aquarium, and come to look with many species local to the waters of Florida and the neighboring area while learning about their environments and endangerment statuses. With so many marvelous exhibits to see, it’s hard to choose where to start! Walk through the swamps of Florida with the Wetlands Trail, Journey to Madagascar to see ring-tailed lemurs and sounding cockroaches, or visit Coral Reef and observe life on a reef through various windows as the tank plunges to new depths! There are many other exhibits for you to search and learn about, including Penguin Point, the Interactive Touch Experiences, Dive with the Sharks, Swim with the Fishes and, Water Fun Zone. There is always best something to do at the Florida Aquarium, so bring the whole family for an immersive, educational experience!

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Tampa Zoo

The Lowry Park Zoo is a beautiful 56-acre zoo with over 1,000 animals from all over the globe, generating an interactive and educational experience for your complete family! Explore environments that include the plains of Africa, an Aquatic Center, tropical forests, and rainforests, and appreciate numerous rides for the family like small coasters, a water flume ride, bumper boats, e carousel, express train, and more! There is an excellent something for everyone in the family, no matter their ages, so be sure to make the Lowry Zoo a stay during your vacation in Tampa! Some of the interactive and up-close presentations you will walk within include the Florida Manatee & Aquatic Center, Primate World, Asian Gardens & Sulawesi Aviary, Wallaroo Station, Safari Africa & Ituri Forest and more that house great and sometimes endangered species like zebras,koalas, wallabies,pygmy hippos, manatees, stingrays, mandrills, Bornean orangutans, and numerous birds of prey. Your experience improved with multiple feedings, shows, and observation devices that let you see closer to the animals that inhabit the zoo than you ever thought possible!

Adventure Island Waterpark in Tampa, FL

Adventure Island Water Park in Tampa of Florida gives 30 acres of water park fun with resting beaches, exciting rides and even spaces for activities like sand volleyball for a vacation experience that will visit varied and is sure to entertain the whole family. Speed down turning slides, splatter in seasonally heated pools, or absorb the rays on the white sand beaches. Once you have done your taste, Sarfred Cafe or Mango Joe’s, who started eating for dinner. Despite your course of action, you’ll be assured to find more than enough to stay busy and comfortable while visiting at Adventure Island.
• The Gulf Scream – Body Slide
• Runaway Rapids – Flume ride
• Calypso Coaster – 2 person tube slide
• Colossal Curl – 4-person enclosed mega-slide
• Aruba Tuba – 2 person tube slide
• Everglades – Toboggan water slide
• Key West Rapids – 2 person tube slide
• Riptide – Enclosed tube speed slide
• Carribean Corkscrew – corkscrew body slide
• Wahoo Run – Family raft slide
• Unlimited Surf – Wave pool
• Paradise Lagoon – Pool with terrace jumps, rope walk, cable drop, slides and waterfall
• Unplanned Bayou – Half mile tube trek through the rainforest, fog, waterfalls, and rain,
• Splash Attack – Water playground

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