Top 3 Travel Delights To Explore In Miami

Lively and tropical, the captivating city of Miami appeals every variety of travel enthusiast year round. With its extremely perfect weather and diverse arrays of activities, this mesmerizing city is a never-ending adventure. The breezy outdoor shopping spots, bustling nightlife, spectacular beach and almost everything else a visitor can imagine awaits in Miami. There’re so many places in Miami that over time have become icons of the city, from restaurants, vibrant shopping arena to everything in between. If you’re a firsttime visitor, you should stop by following list of places to feel the area and experience the real essence of Miami.

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1. Miami Heat: – Do you want to experience the unstoppable fun and excitation of Miami Heat? Visit a Heat Game and join the party for what this city’s famous for. In fact, any visitors in Miami can attend a Miami Heat game in order to get the full of Miami experiences. It’s due to the fact that this team is the lifeblood of Miami. Miami Heat plays in the American Airlines Arena; which features an exquisite lounge, Hyde Lounge where you can enjoy delicious food, cocktails and the sounds of lively music while catching the game simultaneously.

2. Little Havana: – A popular neighborhood of Miami, Little Havana is a splendid area considered as the focal point of Cuban culture and heritage. However, this famous street is a perfect sightseeing place as it hosts a wide array of events including monthly Viernes Culturales (Cultural Fridays), annual Calle Ocho festival and more. Nowhere in the world can you step into the culture the way you can have in Little Havana. For sightseeing purposes, you can stop over at Domino Park, where you can see people of different generations, cultures and classes come together to play dominos and enjoy drinking cuban coffee.

Little Havana

3. Wynwood Art District: – The Wynwood Art District has tranformed from a warehouse district into a hub for innovative business, an outdoor museum of street art and murals and a must-visit place for travel enthusiasts who seek for a culturally-inspired nightlife scene. This area is home to over 70 art galleries, bars and retail stores and features one of the largest open air street art instalations. With the amazing numbers of bars and restaurants, the street pours out visitors and local inhabitants alike every day- there’s always so much things to see and do in Wynwood Art District.

Wynwood Art District

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