Top 4 Best Museums To Explore In Miami

Do you want to take a break from the Miami beach and discover some appealing Miami attractions, like historic sites, museums and impressive gardens? Here is our travel guide to the best museums to consider when you’re planning a trip in Miami.

If you’re looking to take a break from the Miami beach scene, you’ll find a wide range of Miami attractions and museums, starting from the Wolfsonian-FIU, a research center and museum that allows you to discover how design shapes and reflects the human experience to the Miami Children’s Museum. If you want to experience such places on your own, then take a trip to following museums with a shuttle service from Orlando to Miami.

wolfsonian-fiu Museums

HistoryMiami. It’s quite young museum, but a lively one in Florida. This museum lets you to trace the history of the region, from early Indians to rafting Cubans. However, HistoryMiami enables an educating as well as entertaining atmosphere. Being formerly known as the Historical Museum of South Florida, it was founded in 1940 and has now become the largest history museum across the State of Florida.

Wolfsonian-FIU. Located in a finely preserved 1927 storage facility, this museum and research center includes some artifacts like a deco postbox from New York’s Central Station, a stained-glass window by fey Irish illustrator Harry Clarke and Cuban cinema posters and a lot of attractively displayed furniture, metalwork, paintings and architectural drawings. The permanent exhibits are added by touring exhibitions, films and lectures.

Miami Children’s Museum. The Miami Children’s Museum turns many heads like the parrots, with its unique, futuristic design by the stellar architectural company, Arquitectonica. Inside the museum, you won’t find any familiar, boring old museum, but rather a highly interactive playground for kids. The fun-filled sights you’ll see inside, include a colorful mosaic-tiled, two-storey sandcastle, a sea room designed for under-five, the most cultural teddy-bear exhibit and a television studio.

Coral Gables Museum. This museum lives up to its name by offering an excellent overview of the culture and history, with an instant focus on architecture and town planning. However, Coral Gables Museum is much more diverting than it seems. Partly, the museum is housed in the Old Fire House and Police Station, an imposing, but old building with a blend of depression-era architecture and Mediterranean Revival influences that speaks up the colorful history of the State of Florida.

Coral Gables Museum


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