Top 4 Best Picks for a Road Trip from Miami to Port Canaveral

Everyone needs a slice of paradise; no matter whether you’re a solo travelers or traveling with family. Especially when it comes to holidays in Florida, you’ll find incredible destinations to enjoy that are located within a few hours distance from each other. In fact, a road trip from a bustling city like Miami to picturesque Port Canaveral in the State of Florida can assure you with plentiful experiences to cherish forever. With an abundance of must do’s, it’s tough to narrow down the choice to create a realistic vacation itinerary. Really, there’s an endless amount of stuff to see and do along the route from Miami to Port Canaveral. What attractions exactly you hit up merely depends on the type of your road trip goal. Regardless of your tripping style, here are a few of the must-stop, must-see and must-visit places you should choose.

The Destinations for a Road Trip from Miami to Port Canaveral


West Palm Beach – Finest dining opportunities, Broadway-quality show, most famous art museum, exquisite shops and more- This is what awaits for luck travel enthusiasts in West Palm Beach. Situated along the Atlantic Ocean Coast of Florida, West Palm Beach offers visitors loads of fun and excitement year round within easy reach smooth sand beaches and the most enticing waterways. However, West Palm has an enchanting, diverse selection of restaurants, friendly inhabitants and spectacular waterways that seems reflect the perfect starlight all year round.

west palm beach

For your road trip, don’t forget to choose a shuttle service from Miami to Port Canaveral and make a trip to the ultra modern Palm Beach Outlets, where you’ll get high end retail at extremely low costs. Please note that the Norton Museum of Art; which offers excellent sculpture and other masterworks, the Palm Beach Zoo and the show stopping events at the downtown Kravis Center for the Performing Arts are a few pick you should visit for maximum travel experiences.

Palm Bay – The land of outdoor adventure and scenic natural beauty, Palm Bay is nestled midway between the city of Orlando and Miami. On your road trip, you should explore Palm Bay and discover all that awaits you. Enjoy warm smiles, experience exhilarating adventures and encounter awe-inspiring wonders while indulging in magnificent highways, nature trails and waterfront spectacles in Palm Bay. However, it’s a great landscape to relish endless summer adventures of fishing, golfing, off road cycling, camping, kayaking, hiking and more.

Palm Bay

Boca Raton – Being the second largest city in the Palm Beach and located in the southernmost region of the County, Boca Raton covers around 30 square miles and boasts approximately five miles of golden beaches. Discover a perfect vacation in Boca Raton and witness beautiful sunrise while enjoying warm, breezy weather.

Boca Raton

Cocoa Beach – If you’ve enough time to spare for lounging at the beach on your Miami to Port Canaveral trip, a visit to Cocoa Beach should be definitely in order. Located just 15 minutes away from Port Canaveral, this beach offers a plenty off activities for travelers of all types; no matter whether you’re visiting as a solo traveler or traveling with family. With wide arrays of bars, restaurants, bars, shops and entertainment hubs, Cocoa Beach can be a great holiday spot to relax and unwind.

Cocoa Beach

A Final Thought – A trip to Port Canaveral from Miami can be a bit overwhelming; if you’re driving on your own. With so many things to see, do and eat, you should use the service of Miami to Port Canaveral shuttle during your journey. Florida Shuttle Express can be the best companion for your road trip and can allow you to get the perfect taste of a road trip. No matter what, these four road trip spots are the places where you can make this happen!

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