Top 5 Best Reasons To Visit Orlando This Summer

Summer vacation is upon us! You must be planning every detail to make everything perfect on your upcoming holiday. But have you decided the place you want to visit with your family and kids! If not, then why don’t you travel to Orlando! For unforgettable holiday experiences, here’s our travel guide to visit Orlando this summer!

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Top 5 Best Reasons To Visit Orlando

Orlando is a well-known tourist spot across Central Florida. Though it’s popularly known as a home to Walt Disney World, but there are so many exciting things to do and see when you are in Orlando. Starting from cultural experiences to a great array of outdoor adventures and family restaurants, world class golf courses, you are pretty sure to find something special to enjoy in Orlando. But beforehand, you need to schedule your transportation with a shuttle service from Orlando to Ft Lauderdale. Here are top 5 reasons you should visit in Orlando, Florida:

Scenic Beauty Of Nature

Many people have a perception about Orlando is that the reason of Orlando being the most sort after destination across the planet is only due to the existence of play areas and theme parks, but this place has also plentiful sightseeing offerings as well, including the lakes. When you’re on a visit to Orlando, you can enjoy a wide assortment of activities like boating, jet skiing or fishing to take pleasure of traveling this place to the fullest.

Theme Parks

Theme parks are the best places in Orlando that you can make a trip throughout a week across the Big 3 amusement parks, like Sea World Orlando, Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World Resort. When you’re in Orlando, enjoy a delicious meal with giraffes and zebras. Besides, Universal Studios offers a completely unique experience as it can give you an excellent opportunity to see the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Definitely, you’ll love the experiences in the theme parks of Orlando.


The sparkling city of Orlando has the Downtown Disney and Universal CityWalk for offering all forms of amusements to all visitors. Apart from this, the CityWalk is an abode to the Blue Male Team, Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville and hard Rock Coffee Shops as well as famous bars, dancing clubs to give a full time entertainment. Even, the Downtown area is quite popular hosting festivals on weekends.

The Orlando Magic

If you’re a sports enthusiast, you must visit brand new basketball arena located in downtown area. The Orlando Magic, the American professional basketball team has a pretty good number of followers, so always base is crowded with site visitors. No matter whenever you visit the Orlando Magic, you should have a better knowledge of the schedule of basketball team prior to your travel.

Shuttle From Orlando To Ft Lauderdale



Visiting all these places in this summer is just like a dream like true. Worldwide tourists who have opted a shuttle service, find those places pretty exciting and full of fun. Hence, you should choose a shuttle transportation service for your upcoming travel. Florida Shuttle Express has a specialized selection of vehicles and a team of qualified staff to ensure that you’ll be travelled without any trouble. Click here to know more updates and latest notifications about our shuttle transportation service!

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