Top 5 Holiday Spots To Explore In Tampa

Do you want to plan a holiday vacation in this New Year’s eve? If yes, then you should spend your time in the sun during your vacation to Tampa Bay. There are wide arrays of area to explore with enjoyable activities, ranging from the marine life, sightseeing tour to the exciting theme parks reaching exhilarating heights.

Thus, it’s time to forget about the boredom with a fun-filled trip to the Tampa Bay. Encircle yourself with spectacular beaches, friendly locals and a wide array of spare time activities available for your participation. Going on a vacation in style across this scenic area can ensure exciting memories all year around. Before making all your ways along Tampa, let’s have a look at sightseeing spectacles to explore and enjoy in Tampa Bay:

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Lowry Park Zoo

Lowry Park Zoo opens daily from morning till evening, which features some of the huge variety of animals staying in the area, on both sea and land. During your tour in Lowry Park Zoo, you can get to discover the lives a blue bellied roller, a toucan and a Florida manatee. Besides, you can get to discover so many attractions like Gator Falls Flume Ride, Camel Ride and Safari Ride.

Starlite Majesty Lunch & Dinner Cruises

The magnificent splendor and gorgeous scenery of the waterways around Tampa can make you get mesmerized during your visit to this beautiful and relaxing city of Tampa. However, the Starlite Majesty Lunch and Dinner Cruises can offer excellent opportunities, from an evening cruising with full of jazz music to a historical tour with a delicious lunch. Be sure of enjoying the ultimate level of relaxation on these splendid cruising options. Apart from this, you can see dolphins or manatees, only if you’re lucky enough.

Busch Gardens

If you’ll travel across the African style theme park with enormous rides, like the twisting Kumba, the intense wooden Gwazi, the watery Tanganyika Tidal Wave and much more views can be explored! The speedy rides available in this garden area are manufactured with proper care and perfection; so that they can let you stay happy and safe simultaneously.

Adventure Island Waterpark

When visiting Tampa, you should explore the splashes of waterslides in the Adventure Island Waterpark. If you’re going with your family, you can cool off yourself from the hot rays of the sun with a dip in the Splash Attack or Paradise Lagoon. The waterpark area includes around 30 acre area to extend the fun as far you can get. If you feel hungry, then you should enjoy some dishes in one of the many concession stands.

The Florida Aquarium

If you want to energize your holiday vacation in Tampa, then you should visit the Florida Aquarium in Florida as it houses the beautiful marine wildlife species like sea dragons, sea cucumbers, sharks and many more. The animals usually swim in million gallons of water; which can allow you to get glimpses of a wide array of sea creatures. Afterwards, you can stop over the famous Café Ray for a delicious and tasty treat.

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