Top 5 Naples Beaches To Hit In This Winter

Being sandwiched between the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the extreme wilderness of the Everglades, Naples showcases its unique resort character and all-natural persona with a wide range of scenic attractions representing its split personalities.

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In fact, visitors who make their ways here first immerse themselves in its beachy, sightseeing attractions at the wide assortment of developed parks featuring everything from a duck pond to a fishing pier. However, the beaches in Naples, Florida range from thriving mid-city beaches equipped with full facilities and water sports activities to the tranquil, natural preserves and a state park. Here, you can enjoy a wide array of activities like fishing, jet-skiing, sailing, kayaking and bar hopping. One interesting fact about Naples beaches is that, they are famous for their seashells and rich shore bird life. When visiting Naples, don’t forget to bring your shell bag and binoculars.

Here are a few considerations to try out to ensure a different array of beach experience that Naples has to offer:

#1- Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park

Considered as one of the topmost beaches across the United States, the sandy shores of Delnor- Wiggins Pass State park is completely natural and devoid of excellent rises as well as the development of all other local beaches. Even, it includes a nature trail; which leads usually to an observation tower at the north end of the beach. Fishermen head over to the pass to catch the fishes being flushed out of the Cocohatchee River. It’s the most popular park, but you can get enough parking spaces, if only you will arrive early.

#2- Barefoot Beach Preserve Park

Barefoot Beach Preserve Park is a pristine park offering the completely remarkable experiences with tropical hammocks, scenic tidal creeks and lush mangrove swamps. If you love to enjoy your time on the beaches, this’s usually a good challenge for you, as it’s a little tricky to get into. With 342 acres preserve area, this beach includes a one mile long natural trail, public showers, a picnic spot, a butterfly garden, equipment rentals and a concession stand. It’s completely natural setting! With its unspoiled quality, it appeals to wildlife watchers, fishermen and even beach bums.

#3- Vanderbilt Beach

Located in North Naples, Vanderbilt Beach has a line of resorts, including the Ritz-Carlton. The good news for all beach enthusiasts is its venues can offer affordable pricing on bar hopping and dining opportunities. With plentiful open, white sand carpets, the beach stays at the lap of Gulf of Mexico gently. In the peaceful early morning hours, you can enjoy hunting the sea shells as well as watching shore birds. Apart from this, you can walk for miles along the coastlines to the Clam Pass Preserve Park to the north.

#4- Clam Pass County Park

The beach adventure in the Clam Pass County Park starts with a tram ride along a three quarter mile boardwalk through a mangrove estuary. So you can get to experience at least two different habitats in Naples within a few minutes. The park is in front of the Waldrof Astoria Naples Resort and it is heavily populated in the winter and spring season. This lovely coastal habitat includes 35 cares area and a tidal bay area, where every beachgoer can witness shorebirds and other marine life.

#5- Sugden Regional Park

It’s the only freshwater lake public beach in the Naples area. This beach is most popular for its sailing events and programs. However, a scenic walking trail will take you to see around the lake and you can enjoy picnicking, playing on the playground, fishing and relaxing on the sand beach. Apart from this, water skiing and sailing classes are available in this county with well-maintained facilities in a tranquil neighborhood on the eastern region of Naples.

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If you’ve been to Naples beaches already or a first-timer, don’t forget to share your experiences in the comment section below!

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