Top 5 Sights To Explore with a Tampa To Fort Lauderdale Shuttle Transfer

Florida is a hundred worlds, ranges from magical kingdoms to mangrove islands, wild wetlands and artist colonies- all are included within this flat peninsula. There is an availability of spectacular sights across Florida, which worths a visit all the year round. When it comes to Tampa and Fort Lauderdale, the number of sights goes up. Here are top picks of Tampa and Fort Lauderdale to choose for your next holiday trip:

Tampa To Fort Lauderdale Shuttle

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#1- Fort Lauderdale Beach

Being one of Broward County’s exceptional Blue Wave Beaches, Fort Lauderdale beach is located at the heart of the city. The famous beachfront area boasts around four miles of publicly accessible coastlines, which is backed by a colorful selection of exclusive shops, welcoming sidewalk cafes and exciting entertainment venues. Once well-known for being a spring break party zone for college students, this exclusively renovated beach is now a family friendly destination, where visitors can enjoy swimming, jet skiing, snorkeling and diving in the crystal clear waters or simply strolling along the award-winning wave wall and majestic promenade. So you should not miss out enjoying this unique buzz on the Fort Lauderdale Beach.

#2- Sunshine Skyway

Sunshine Skyway, a toll bridge is around 12 miles long and curves gracefully coming across the entry point to the Tampa Bay. Its center of attraction is about 4.25 mile long high level bridge; whose middle section is suspended from two enormous pylons for allowing the passage of large oceangoing vessels beneath. If you will take a drive around the bridge, you will definitely get beautiful views over the ocean. No doubt, the bridge itself a stunning sight and often worths to be photographed.

#3- Bonnet House Museum & Gardens

Bonnet House Museum & Gardens is a beautiful historic site and a must-see spectacle across Fort Lauderdale. With a peaceful seaside oasis, this unique 1920s era house was once an abode for the artists Fredric and Evelyn Bartlett. During your tour, you can marvel at the original furnishings and artworks, before witnessing the lush 35 acre grounds, which is a home to one of the Southeast’s orchids, parrots, swans and even wild monkeys.

#4- Busch Gardens

It’s a 335 acre African themed family entertainment and adventure park; which features thrill rides, live music, craft events and a multitude of exotic animal species in natural habitat settings. This is one of the excellent, must-see attractions in the Tampa area for family vacations. However, you can go on a safari to explore the animals grazing on the plains with reproductions of African camps and villages. You can get close-up encounters with some animal species.

#5- Stranahan House

Located at the gleaming, modern high rises of downtown Fort Lauderdale, it’s the most popular and the oldest building of Broward County. Generally, it speaks up the history of Fort Lauderdale, as it was built in the year of 1901 by Frank Stranahan, the first permanent white settler in this area. This building includes century old furnishings and historic photographs of the area. Daily tours operated in Stanahan House can be available for you at 1pm, 2pm and 3pm and the time span for each tour is around 45 to 60 minutes.

Tampa To Fort Lauderdale Shuttle

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