Top five things to do in Kissimmee for the whole family

Kissimmee is a city in central Florida, just south of Orlando. It defined by its proximity to the region’s abundance of entertainment parks, including the enormous Walt Disney World Resort complex. Kissimmee is the close door to the breathtaking attractions and theme parks of Orlando, FL and has multiple contributions of its own. Thrill-seekers can move on helicopter rides, zip-line, jet ski, fly warplanes, and speed across the water in airboats. Conservation enthusiasts will appreciate Gatorland or kayaking on Shingle Creek or Lake Toho to view gators in the wild. There are many human histories in the region, and it can search in a variety of museums, a pioneer village, or on cultural trips. In this article, you can know about the top five things to do in Kissimmee for the whole family.

Top five things to do in Kissimmee for the whole family

Best things to do in Kissimmee Florida

Enjoy with your children at Kissimmee Lakefront Park

The Kissimmee Lakefront Park has plenty of entertainment activities for you and your children to do; once there you can relax down and enjoy a peaceful day here, appreciating nature and the sunshine of Florida. It has several features here which can keep all happy like you can take a walk on the multiple piers and also the docks and can see the lovely Lake Toho. Your children are going to enjoy the area as there are two strong shaded play fields here and they have water fountains, and there is a meal stand too. Small kids and toddlers can cool off at the splash zone which has fountains and scenery sculptures as well.

Experience the fantastic paddling center at Shingle Creek

The paddling center at Shingle Creek is one of the occupied and most excellent trails in the region. It has alligators, waterbirds cute turtles, and cypress forest. It is an attractive spot for you to take a break from ordinary life when you are in the Florida district. Florida Designated Paddling Trail, attached markers with the whole trail; the trail has been cleared of logs to start up the creek to paddlers.

Green Meadows Petting Farm

Green Meadows Petting Farm is an entertainment and informative hands-on experience for kids designed to take them into communication with farm animals. With over 300 animals, the petting farm is guaranteed to delight every guest, no concern what kind of animal they like best. The farm has pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, cows, rabbits, donkeys, turkeys, ducks, and even an Asian water buffalo. The park not restricted to petting animals: There is a train ride on a tractor-pulled hayride, the narrow-gauge railway, and the opportunity to try milking a cow. There are picnic spaces for families who choose to bring their lunches and general store vending drinks and snacks.

There are many tourists, visitors and locals visit Kissimmee and travel to and from Kissimmee by using a ground transportation. You can click on the image below as it could help you find the most affordable and comfortable ride anywhere within the state:

Top five things to do in Kissimmee for the whole family

Monument of States, Kissimmee, Florida

In Kissimmee’s Lakefront Park holds an unusual memorial recognized as the Monument of States, Florida. After the raid on Pearl Harbor in World War II, regional doctor Charles Bressler-Pettis concluded that the area required a symbol of American Unity. He wrote to the governor of each state (there were only 48 states at the time), requesting them to send local rocks to him. When he got the rocks, he made a tower, fixing the stones into garish concrete slabs and named each stone with its origins – which state it was from and who had given it. Across the years, time took its toll on the masterpiece, but it was revitalized and repainted in 2001 by regional business owners, and it is indeed meriting a tour to Lakefront Park to see this unique cairn.

Stallion 51, Kissimmee, FL

Stallion 51 is a warplane fan’s dream: It gives rides in the dual cockpit/dual control P-51 Mustangs and T-6 Texans, providing passengers not only the opportunity to fly in a heritage aircraft but also to help fly it. The masters and staff of Stallion 51 are specialists in historic aircraft and aviation and have warbirds that they display at airshows all across North America. People looking for flight certification and practice in WWII aircraft can get guidance and credentials at Stallion 51. Guests not wishing to fly can enjoy viewing the aircraft circle the airfields and get a close-up look at the warplanes in the hangars.

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