Top Things To Know About Port Canaveral

The name ‘Port Canaveral’ may be quite similar, as it’s taken from the island, which’s a home to the space launch center in America, i.e. Cape Canaveral. Generally, Port Canaveral is a fancy name for the cruise docks based on a barrier island on the Atlantic Coast across Florida.

If you’ve never been to Port Canaveral before, then it can take a few days to experience all the fun activities that it has to offer. Sightseeing attractions like the Exploration Tower, Kennedy Space Center can offer something for the entire family. However, you can take a stroll around the Port and spend the afternoon by exploring its plentiful sightseeing spectacles and having lunch at the five star restaurant.

Fort Lauderdale To Port Canaveral Shuttle

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The Perfect Time To Visit There

Generally, summer falls in the early May in Florida and last until September with a temperature peaking around 32°C. The months from January to March see a significant cooler month without any cold air; hence you can visit there during this time.

Places To Visit with Family In Port Canaveral

Kennedy Space Center

Being one of the most popular destinations, the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex tells the epic story of the U.S. space program, from the very first day to the present. With a 70 acre long arena, a gateway to the working space center, it takes the visitors on a journey, which is much more entertaining, educational, inspirational and interactive.

Canaveral National Seashore

From the ancient era, this barrier island has offered a sanctuary to both wildlife and people. There are so many threatened animals; who got refuge here, including sea turtles, who usually nest on the shores. You can get an optimal level of tranquility while swimming in the ocean, fishing in the lagoon. Besides, you can stroll down a wooded trail and even reflect on the long expanse of the pristine shores in Port Canaveral.

Exploration Tower

The state-of-art Exploration Tower is completely a new attraction to explore in Port Canaveral. This magnificent landmark is an ideal place to bring your whole family altogether for an afternoon trip with full sun. In its seven floors, you will get to witness its exhibits, interactive games, a café, a gift shop, an auditorium and indoor as well as the outdoor observation deck. Even the tower has become the topmost event and music venue throughout Central Florida; which continues to appeal thousands of people towards Port Canaveral every day.

Victoria Casino Cruises

If you are planning for sailing off into the sunset and preparing yourself for an exciting night, then you should choose an on-board ride on the Victory Casino Cruises ship, where you can get unlimited access to the casino games, slots, restaurants and bars. During the daytime, you can enjoy a drink outside and watch swimming of sea turtles and dolphins out there. At night, you can enjoy a few drinks with your special someone or get into the dance floor under the starry sky.

Fort Lauderdale To Port Canaveral Shuttle

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When planning a holiday trip, it’s quite necessary to make a reservation of Fort Lauderdale To Port Canaveral Shuttle. Apart from this, if you need privacy and want to spend some quality time with your special someone, then you should schedule a private shuttle transportation, otherwise you can opt for daily shared transportation of Florida Shuttle Express.

Plan out a fun-filled holiday vacation in Port Canaveral and live the unforgettable experiences that you’ve never got before!

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