Top Things To See and Do in Kissimmee

Are you planning for a trip to Kissimmee! What’s there to do in Kissimmee, Florida? Well, almost everything! That’s what makes this place one of the favorite holiday destinations across Florida. In fact, relaxing, stimulating, breathtaking, invigorating- there’s plenty of things to enjoy here.

Kissimmee is a family friendly destination and is quite famous for its unique, off-the-beaten-path adventures, endless sunshine and proximity to the world famous theme parks. However, one more interesting fact is that Walt Disney World Resort, SeaWorld Orlando and Universal Orlando Resort are just a few minutes away! These theme parks offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences; which you’ve never experienced before!

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In addition to these theme parks, there’s something more to explore in this destination. In fact, the lush landscapes can create an excellent backdrop for outdoor adventures. When you’re visiting Florida for the first time, consider staying and playing in Kissmmee.

Sightseeing Attractions

The attractions of Kissmmee are quite easy to see and do; that’s because they are all around you. No matter whatever the definition of fun, you’ll get it in family size portions for all in Kissimmee to enjoy! As an incredible gateway for fun in Central Florida, this place is a great choice to ensure loads of family entertainment and adventure. Here’re a few options; which can give you plenty of things to do in Kissimmee and its surrounding areas:

Congo River Adventure Golf

When you’re on Congo River Adventure Golf, you can experience the peaceful waterfalls, tropical rainforests, mysterious caves, challenging golf holes and much more. In simple words, exploring the Congo during the day and at night is really fun!

Forever Florida Ziplines & Adventure

This’s an exceptional place; which encompasses around nine different ecosystems and is well preserved uniquely, likewise the nature is intended! As a nature enthusiast, you can enjoy seeing the natural streams, pastures, forests, wetlands and know more about the Forever Florida’s wildlife, including alligators, black bears, white tail deer and the endangered Florida panther.

Fun Spot America

Well, you’ll find a ride for everyone at the Fun Spot America in Kissimmee. But if you’re looking for more thrills, then you can have them in this place also. Everything from defying the gravity, backwards, forwards and more; just you need to choose the level of your fun!

Kissimmee Air Museum

It’s quite obvious that you can experience the aviation at the first hand, as you can get to interact with the planes, projects and pilots. However, the Kissimmee Air Museum includes aircraft displays, educational exhibits, restoration of aircraft and exciting training flight.

Kissimmee Swamp Tours

Get the perfect value for your buck with the Kissimmee Swamp Tours. It is a 60 minute to 90 minute ride; which delivers twice the time spent on the water, rather than other local airboat outfitters. Hence, you can get to experience the ultimate thrill of flying on the water and then enjoy sliding silently through the natural swamp habitat with osprey, wild deer, pigs and alligators.

Old Town

A must-enjoy hub for small fires, the brick lined old town features kidder coasters, an old fashioned merry go round, shops, kid friendly restaurants, fairground style games and teacup rides.

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Feeling excited to explore all of these sights? If yes, you should schedule a private transfer of Miami to Kissimmee shuttle from Florida Shuttle Express beforehand in order to ensure a smooth, hassle-free and relaxing trip to Kissimmee! No matter wherever you visit in Kissimmee, you’ll return back with loads of fun-filled and exciting memories!

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