Tropical Florida Getaway Tips

There is an enormous quantify of Americans traveling during these last months of the year for various reasons like to reunite with family, or just a Tropical Florida Getaway during the holidays. Needless to say, the airports are packed and getting through security can be somewhat of a hassle for most. Here are some handy Florida Getaway tips for a successful and relaxing vacation in the sunshine state.

5 Handy Tropical Florida Getaway Tips

If you are traveling in Florida, whether on vacation or a long weekend, pave the way to a smooth trip with these timely tips and bits of information.

  1. Perfect time of the year to travel: This time of the year arrives in the blink of an eye. That means the frenetic pace that goes with will ensue in no time, too. With that in mind, Florida welcomes this season with pleasant temperatures and smaller crowds at the popular tourist locations.
  2. Count with Lots of Time: At airports and on the road it is undoubtedly the busiest travel time of the year with notorious transportation delays, traffic and travel snags all meeting travelers at nearly every turn. But with a bit of foresight and some planning ahead you will sure travel stress free.
  3. Travel Light: As more airlines start charging for checked bags, it’s a good idea to pack light and carry on your bag. But keep in mind that your fellow travelers will all have the same idea and overhead space may be tight onboard. To lighten your traveling load, consider shipping some of your belongings to your final destination ahead of time, especially presents and bulky items like diapers or extra clothes that you won’t need for the journey.
  4. Arrive Early: It’s commonsense to arrive at the airport early — you’ll need the time for parking, security and to wait your turn for that necessary cup of coffee. But you can avoid some airport hassles by taking advantage of useful applications that can be used on your smart phone. iPhone users can get the skinny on the airport, including maps showing the gates and restaurant information, using the GateGuru app. Airlines including Southwest, Delta and American Airlines all have mobile websites where passengers can check in, confirm seats and keep track of their flight status.
  5. Plan Ahead: It’s never too early to start your holiday travel planning. In the early fall, you can take advantage of lower rates and seats aplenty. To jump on a bargain, sign up for sale notifications from your preferred airlines or Amtrak and follow your favorites on Twitter and Facebook where special sale notifications may pop up before they are available to the general public.

If you take these points into consideration you have a better chance to travel relaxed and hassle free comparing to other travelers that decide to procrastinate on their vacation time planning. These Tropical Florida Getaway Tips will surely give you a great head start on your travel planning, whether you are traveling in a few days, weeks or months. Good luck and have safe fun trip!

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