Visit the Florida Keys

When you Visit the Florida Keys you will feel as if you were not in America. Unlike mainland Florida, the Keys, an island archipelago south of the mainland, has a tropical climate and the differences don’t stop with the weather. Geography, Homeland Security and the stamp on your passport say that this is America but, having once lived in the States for over a decade; to me this doesn’t feel like America. This is somewhere else entirely – somewhere a little bit different, a little bit exotic and very unique.

Visit the Florida Keys Travel Guide

It is not at all surprising to learn that until the last century the Keys could only be accessed via boat because the local culture, the people and, as I already mentioned, even the climate are more Keys than Florida. In the same vein, it’s no shock to find out that the famous (and infamous) Key West, Mile 0 of the Keys, is closer geographically (as well as culturally) to Cuba than Miami.

You can’t go to the Florida Keys and not go to Key West. Before heading to the town where Ernest Hemingway wrote and set To Have and Have Not some friends and I decided to check out some of the other, lesser known, Keys. First, let me get an embarrassing admission out of the way. When I was in my teens I thought the Keys were the Florida Quays. You can’t fault my logic – water, quays… In fact Key is the Anglicization of the Spanish word ‘Cayo’ meaning island, and the Keys are a series of small islands south of the tip of the Florida peninsula.

The old town of Key West is the largest historical district of wooden structures on the US National Register of Historic Places. It is a ridiculously pretty and atmospheric place. You wouldn’t need much of an imagination to picture pirates and other seagoing types buckling their swash, engaging in sword fights and generally being all Johnny Depp in eyeliner and breeches. It is so picture perfect it is almost a theme park, but crucially it stops just short of Disney-fication.

To Visit the Florida Keys start planning your getaway vacation from start to finish. Whether you are planning your very first visit to the Florida Keys or are a returning guest, we’d like to welcome you to this beautiful and enchanting paradise. We sure hope you your Visit to the Florida Keys. Bon Voyage!

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